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What or which "Authentication app"??

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I am attempting to perform a 2 steps verification.

Firefox is asking me: "Open your authentication app and enter the security code it provides." What "Authentication app"?? On my Mac? On my iPhone? I have been unable to figure out what Firefox means.

I have tried a number of those apps, but none of the codes was accepted (Authenticator, Google's Authenticator, iDnow).

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. /Boris D.

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Hi Boris!

Are you attempting to setup two factor authentication (2FA) on your account for the first time or do you already have it configured on your account and you are just trying to log in?

If you are trying to setup 2FA security on your account for the first time, you would need to use a 2FA app. The Firefox Accounts system currently supports a variety of apps for this purpose. A list of the supported apps along with instructions on how to setup 2FA on your Firefox Account can be found on the Secure your Firefox Account with two-step authentication page.

If you already have 2FA setup on your account and are just trying to log in, you would need to use the code provided by the 2FA app that you linked to your account. The code changes periodically, so you will need to open the app to see what the current code is to get into your account.

Hope this helps.


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Do all those apps generate the same TOTP code ?

You can try an Authenticator extension in Firefox.


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