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CJK font issue

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Suddenly Firefox is having problems with its rendering of Japanese/CJK fonts. The display of Chinese characters (i.e. kanji in this case) is off. Japanese-language sentences include regular Japanese kana but will only display Chinese font versions of kanji.

I took a screenshot of the Google toolbar as an example. As you can see, すべて is displayed normally. 画像 however, uses the Chinese version of 画. ニュース is fine and yet the 図 in 地図 is off. The other characters look fine, but I'm assuming they're the identitical in Chinese regardless.

This issue only happens on Firefox (not anywhere else on my computer), and has only started today. Furthermore, it is not limited to webpage content: characters also show up weirdly in the toolbar.

Has anyone encountered this problem?

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It is possible that there is a problem with the font(s) used by Firefox for displaying CJK characters.

You can check in Font Book for font issues like corrupted and duplicate fonts.


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Hi Cor-el, thanks for your reply. Font Book has not reported any issues with Asian fonts. Today I was able to change the JP font used by Firefox, which for some reason it didn't let me do yesterday. That fixed the issue for me, even though it still glitches out occasionally (like when I type something out, and it initially gives me the Chinese version before fixing it into the Japanese version a second later). Hope things will stay OK from here on out :-)


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