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Restore former browser, with old bookmarks, history and cookies WITHOUT access to former hard drive

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My former hard drive crashed, and absolutely nothing was redeemable. Now that I have a new one installed, I'd like to access the Firefox browser I used on the old hard drive.

I was able to do this before, when I bought this computer new and wanted to find my old browser from my other computer, and the process did not involve my old hard drive. All of the current community advice I've seen on this includes accessing my former hard drive. I don't have it so, that's not going to work for me. Please help, if you can. Thanks!

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To recover bookmarks, history or cookies, etc - you will need a copy of your profile. The Hard drive is toast, but did you ever make a back-up on portable media, like a USB stick? You might find a copy of your profile on that back-up.

If you do have a copy of your profile, you should only use it with the version of Firefox that created it. As Firefox evolves, the information placed into the profile may not be compatible with older, or newer versions.

If you have previously set up Firefox Sync, you can recover some of your profile information by signing in to your Firefox Sync account and add your new device to the account.


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