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Possible to d isable synced plugin locally only?

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I have my plugins synced through Firefox Sync. For development I'm using Firefox Developer Edition (FDE).

There are times I do not want to have all plugins en-/disabled in all browser. e.g. I don't need a form filler plugin all the time in my regular FF instance. But I mostly need it all day in the FDE instance.

Problem starts by disabling a plugin in the regular FF instance. Because this disables the plugin through sync in all other instances.

I'm looking for s possibility to disable plugins "locally". So only disable it for the currently running FF instance, and not propagate the state through sync.

A separate "DEV profile" might help, but I don't want to deal with sep. profiles, as the tabs would be synced in this different profile for example.

I can imagine that this is kind of an edge case scenario. But maybe somebody knows a way around this.

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As usual. Found it straight after asking here.


Seems to be what I'm looking for.


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