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sync unexpected error

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I am using tenfourfox on my iMac g4 and Firefox for Mac on my MacBook Pro. I wanted to use the sync so I could share book marks and things with My iMac g4. I made the account on my Mac Book Pro and the went to sign in on My iMac g4. I entered my email then it came back with the unexpected error.

I looked at other posts from TenFourFox with those that had this error and they said it was on the sync side not software of TenFourFox.

Could you please help

Thank you


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That's comical! TenFourFox is based upon an ancient version of Firefox, and that TenFourFox 3rd party build moved away from the direction that Mozilla took with their Firefox changes; then "you guys" blame Mozilla for the resulting incompatibility.
See - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TenFourFox#Features for "the skinny".

Sure the problem is with Sync / Firefox Accounts (now) - TenFourFox has long been incompatible with Sync.


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No need to be snarky. I was just looking for help and that is the information I found. I was just hoping that the sync might work for me. I have no association with the project other than I use TenFourFox on my iMac G4. I wasn't trying to blame anyone.

But this is what I read "With FPR16 Sync will become 'best effort' support, i.e., I'll do what I can within reason, but because Mozilla controls the backend, it may cease working without warning and there may be little I can do about it. Just a heads up."

Didn't know that it has been long incompatible just looking for help. I was just looking to see if there was anything I could do to get it to work.

Sorry for the trouble, Thanks anyway.


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