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Can't connect to Android device using sync

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I signed in to my Firefox account from my android device. It shows up in Devices and Apps, but when I click "Send tab to device" it says "No devices connected". I clicked "Connect another device" but it doesn't show up there either. Please help.

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Are you having issues sending tabs to your Android device from a computer or to your computer from the Android device? Is the issue that the Android device is not showing the list of devices on your computer or that your computer is not showing up on the list of devices displayed on your Android device?

In either case, a good recommendation is to try rebooting your device(s) entirely. If that doesn't help, you may need to manually trigger a sync. This can be done on Android from the settings page using the Sync now button and on your computer also using the Sync now button in the settings.

Hope this helps.


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