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Download Image Offline

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I was on a webpage and with multiple images on it. I went back to the same webpage with a different computer and one of the images is not there anymore.

The original computer, which is not connected to the network at this time still has the image I am looking for on the page.

When I go to download the image it does not save it.

It looks like it is waiting to download the image from the site where the image does not exist.

When I go to Tools>Page Info>Media I can see the image The Location shows the URL and file location but it no longer exists

the size is labeled as "Unknown (not cached)

Is there some way I can download the image as it is on my computer? By keeping the computer offline. I do not want to lose this picture.

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A tool like MZCacheView or ImageCacheViewer is probably your best bet, since you really can't directly copy the file from the Firefox cache.

Bewerkt door Wesley Branton op

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Are you sure that this is the real full size image and not only a thumbnail ?

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It is the full size image, not a thumbnail. I forgot to add this is running on an Ubuntu system, not Windows.

Thank you for your responses.

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First, grab a full-page screenshot using either the built-in Firefox Screenshot feature (on the ••• Page Actions menu in the address bar) or your preferred screenshotter. This will at least preserve it while you experiment.

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You may also want to make a copy of the profile folder in "~/.cache/mozilla/firefox/" to make sure you do not lose the images stored in the cache for some reason.

You can try the about:cache page to see if you can locate these images. You can open a link in a new tab and right-click the 'key' link at the top of the page to save the image.

Bewerkt door cor-el op

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I want to say thank you for all your help in this matter. I still have not been able to extract the image file. Here is what I have done so far

1) Made a copy of profile folder as suggested.

2) Tried the about:cache page. There were no image file in the list,

    just very long key files.  

3) Copied over the entire profile folder onto a USB drive

   The following folders under the profile were empty:  
          All of the subfolders under the Cache folder (0 - F)
           thumbnails, The cache2/doomed folder,
           The Cache folder had 4 files, _CACHE_001_ ... 003, _CACHE_MAP_

4) Downloaded MZCacheView and ImageCacheViewer to a computer running windows

              Using MZCacheView on the following folders produced no results
              Profile root, Cache, OfflineCache, safebrowsing, startupCache, thumbnails.

5) Using MZCacheView on the cache2\entries folder produced a list of files, no images mostly .xml

6) Using ImageCacheViewer on all folders and files under the profile folder produced no results

7) Again on the Ubuntu system I can open Tools>Page Info>Media see the image with its full URL, ex: https://xxx.yyy.com/folder1/folder1/123.jpg But when I click on save it tries to download the file again, which is no longer on the server.

If you have any ideas I am willing to try them. Is there a Ubuntu utility I can use? It would seem the image files are not in my cache, but present in memory, is this possible?


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Current Firefox releases use the cache2 folder (cache2/entries) to store cache data. You can't use an external image viewer for files in the cache2 folder. This items listed there are special container files that include meta data (HTTP response headers) apart from the file content. The about:cache page should list the files as cache keys with the URL in the first column and include the file extension like for image files .jpg or .png or .gif. You need to click such a key line to get more info (meta data) and possibly save the file content (left-click or middle-click the key link for inspection or right-click the key link to save the file) like I posted above.

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cor-el Thank you for the descriptive help When I go to about:cache I see three headers; memory(0 entries), disk(61 entries), appcache(0 entries) I click on the "List of cache entries" The next screen shows the keys, none of which use an image file suffix (.jpg .gif, etc) Some of the entries are 0 bytes in length.

When I right click to save it tries to save them as a .html

Again, thank you for you help.

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That means that the images are not in the disk cache as such. Do you see at least items from that server ?

Do you still see the images if you open the page in a tab ?

Can you see and save the image via the Inspector?