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Pinned tab keep appearing on firefox start.

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Hi, I have a pinned tab on my firefox session. And every time I open Firefox it's there. But now I don' want it there, I've unpinned the tab and close it. But it keeps appearing pinned every time I open Firefox. My configuration for the start page is: Start of Firefox (Default) (or something similar, I don't have it in English) And my session is shared between my home and work computers (maybe this can be related) The pinned tab is open.spotify.com that opens another firefox window to log in. I haven't had any problem with other pinned tabs.

Thanks and sorry for my english.

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Hi there...

I think this steps will help to you

1] Check for malware 2] Start a new Firefox session 3] Refresh Firefox 4] Changing the action for a content type 5] Reset actions for all content types


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