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Holding Ctrl + W / Ctrl + T performs close/open tab action successively instead of performing it once.

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Is it a bug or a design decision. I mean if I have a lot of opened tabs and I intend to close just one tab, then a slight delay in releasing the key combination would result in closing rest of the tabs. Shouldn't it be like Press and Release key combination to perform the corresponding action which would ensure the action is performed just once. That is what it was like on Chrome and Edge.

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As I cannot find any bugs related to this on bugzilla I believe this is a design decision. I would suggest you submit feedback to the team here: https://qsurvey.mozilla.com/s3/FirefoxInput/ to see if maybe it's something that can be optional.

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Maybe increase the auto repeat setting in the keyboard settings via the Windows Control Panel if you keep those keys pressed for too long.

See also:

  • Bug 71074 - Commands should fire on key down, not keypress (because keypress includes keyrepeat)