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How do I make Firefox stop asking me to update Firefox?

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I need to disable Firefox from asking me to update. I had this turned off in the about:config Firefox never asked me to update after i clicked false. I do not want to update i tried the updated version of Firefox and it was horribly slow a lot of the features are removed. Si i uninstalled it the same day i tried the new version. I am currently using Firefox 69.0.2 It wants me to upgrade to 70.0.1 Firefox shows me this pop-up every 15 minutes.

After i reinstalled Firefox 69.0.2 i started getting the aggravating update pop-up I forgot how i disabled it the first time. i do know it was in about:config its well hidden

I need to get that opo-up shut off again. if i can't get it shut off then, I'll have no choice but to leave Firefox I have been using Firefox non-stop for around 17 years I would like to keep using Firefox but, without the annoying update pop-up in my face every 15 minutes.

Thank You.

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In one of the newer versions of Firefox, the about:config preferences related to updating were removed.

One of the reasons is because you should never be running an outdated version of a program, let alone a program that acts as your gateway to the internet. The security and privacy risks of doing that are a lot greater than a lot of users realize.

The developers are always working to fix critical flaws that are very well documented and attackers often use these known flaws to target users who are still running unpatched versions.

That said, you can still disable Firefox updates if you really want to, although I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT because of the associated risk I've outlined above.

This method is intended for organizations that manually distribute their own Firefox updates instead of using the builtin Firefox updating system. They disable Firefox updates with the DisableAppUpdate policy using either a policies.json file or Windows Group Policy rules.

Hope this helps.

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What features are you referring to that you find removed in Firefox 70 ?

A possible cause of Firefox being slow is your security software that doesn't recognize/trust Firefox.

Otherwise you could try Safe Mode as a troubleshooting step.

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Wesley Branton, the users of this forum don't need your opinion; we just need your help. According to Mozilla, the world will end if people don't use up-to-date Mozilla products, but Mozilla keeps breaking everyone's add-ons every time they upgrade a program, so disabling updates is absolutely necessary. If the developers of this program weren't STUPID, then they would design Firefox to be backwards compatible.

I need step-by-step instructions on how to turn off the prompts. If I don't get them, I'll downgrade to an older version of Firefox and Thunderbird.

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With WebExtensions most extensions should keep working after a Firefox update unlike Legacy extensions that could get broken with every update. Only in some cases an extension might be broken because API calls they uses has been replaced by a newer versions like happened a while back with proxy extensions.

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That hasn't been my experience. Upgrading Firefox caused my entire setup to be destroyed. A similar thing happened with Mozilla recently.

Can you give me the steps to get these annoying prompts turned off? I am getting them several times a day.

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If you lose personal data then it is possible that a new default-release profile folder has been created. See "Determine if Firefox has created a new profile":

You can open the about:profiles page via the location bar to check whether multiple profiles are present and what profile Firefox currently is using.

See also:

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Tell me how to stop the HORRIBLE update pop-ups or give me recommendations for a different browser.

DO NOT have some snot nosed geek lecture me about needing to update - there's a new update every 4 mins.

If you think you have the right to tell me how to maintain MY machine then you need to buy me all new equipment - you pay for it, I'll do what you say,

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Thank you, Lawremb. I'm getting completely sick of Mozilla programs, especially since they turned Firefox and Thunderbird into nagware. They wonder why people don't want to update to the most recent version, but there is an obvious answer: Every time Mozilla upgrades a program, users' add-ons are broken, and they have to start over to customize the program. Mozilla just doesn't care about the inconvenience they cause their users. If Mozilla put lots of features into their programs, then people wouldn't have to load them up with add-ons, but Mozilla won't do that. And now they have turned their programs into nagware, and all because there is a very small chance that someone might pick up a computer virus or malware. Well, I'm sick of it.