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After setting a default profile, links in emails cause an error

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Running v68.0.1 (64 bit) on Windows 10.

I started having a problem where clicking links in email would launch a separate FF window, but I wanted them launched as new tabs in my currently running window (so that I would have my add-ons enabled). So I followed this advice (https://support.mozilla.org/bm/questions/1263310) and selected the preferred one as a default profile. That broke me. :-(

Now, with an instance of FF that I launched already running, when I click a link in an email, I get an error dialog saying that FF is already running, and it has to be closed. Although, if the only instance of FF running is the one launched from an email link (meaning, I didn't launch FF manually first), then it DOES load the clicked link into a new tab in that existing instance.

I read a few other similar complaints...I don't need multiple profiles or any of that. I simply want to use FF one way with one profile. And I'd really like to be to click links in email again...even in a new window.