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Youtube redirects to a specific channel

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Whenever I open youtube on Firefox it randomly keeps reloading a specific channel, instead of staying on homepage. I DO NOT have youtube hugh definition add-on installed. What could possibly be the source of this? Most solutions I could find blames that one add on that I am not even using.

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Try to delete the YouTube cookies.

Clear the Cache and remove the Cookies from websites that cause problems via the "3-bar" Firefox menu button (Options/Preferences).

"Remove the Cookies" from websites that cause problems:

  • Options/Preferences -> Privacy & Security
    Cookies and Site Data -> Manage Data

"Clear the Cache":

  • Options/Preferences -> Privacy & Security
    Cookies and Site Data -> Clear Data -> Cached Web Content: Clear
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I have this problem too. Clearing cookies and cache does nothing

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Are you possibly using a bookmark that might have GET data (?xxx=xxx) appended to the link that could cause this ?

if you use a bookmark to access a specific page then instead navigate to this page starting with the main/home page or the sign in page in case there is a problem with this bookmark.

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No, not a bookmark. Just using www.youtube.com I think it's an extension confilct. It stopped when I went into safe mode. Trying to figure out which one.