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Is there no "import bookmarks toolbar" function available?

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I do not use bookmarks or the sidebar, only the toolbar itself.

I have 50ish bookmarks directly on the toolbar, usually as an icon by itself (to save space for other bookmarks to be added to the toolbar). I have 20ish folders containing even more bookmarks (probably 150 more within folders at minimum). See attached image, also attached in first reply, for reference.

I'm very attached to the toolbar because I have very carefully and specifically customised this toolbar the way it is for super-efficient browsing.

Is there a way to save the toolbar as it currently is and then import the toolbar so that I have the exact same layout as shown in the image? Re-adding the bookmarks individually back to the toolbar is not an option - it would be heavy work and frustrating.

If this doesn't already exist, please make such a function, Firefox devs:)

Any pointers are appreciated!

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If the image of my toolbar can't be seen, it should be attached to this reply.

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You can export the bookmarks in the Bookmarks Manager (Library) to an HTL file and edit this file in a text editor to leave only the bookmarks you want and remove the other root folders (Bookmarks Menu and Other Bookmarks).

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Hi bhavikm98, sometimes when you import an HTML file of bookmarks, instead of the toolbar items getting put back on the toolbar automatically, they are placed are in a Bookmarks Toolbar folder at the end of the Bookmarks Menu (possibly inside an Imported Bookmarks folder at the end of the menu).

If that happens, you could open the Library window (Command+Shift+b), display the contents of that folder on the right side, then drag-and-drop or cut-and-paste them to the Bookmarks Toolbar in one go. You wouldn't need to do them individually.

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A belated response, but, thanks cor-el and jscher2000 for the tips!