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I want to sync a single bookmark folder, not all of them.

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I want to be able to sync only a single bookmark folder between home and work. I don't want or need most of the work bookmarks at home, and I don't want my home bookmarks at work. However, I do sometimes run across sites at one I would like to use at the other, and currently the only way I can find to do that is email the link to myself. It would be much easier if I could just have one shared folder I can sync between the two. Is there an extension that does this? I've seen a few bookmark extensions, but I can't find one that just syncs one folder.

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more options

With sync, you can select or deselect the groups you want to sync. But with each group, it is an all or nothing choice.

There are several options possible, depending on what you want.

In the Bookmarks Manager, create a folder for those bookmarks.

However, if you want others on the sync to not have them, you would not be able to use sync on them.