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lost passwords and bookmarks

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I can not recover passwords and bookmarks and have tried all the computer generated past results and going around in circles for hours.

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Please can someone help me with this issue? I have lost my passwords and bookmarks before and was able to go into Firefox and restore them but it seems to be a different setup now. How can I get them back? Please anyone?

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So what happened before you lost your password and bookmark? You don't make that clear.

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I did have a pesky intruder I picked up on face book. It has happened before with the same scam that told me to call the number to Micorsoft to fix the scam. Of course I did not call and was very obvious a scam. So I forced shut down my laptop and restarted then cleared all my cookies. I have got this malware before and that is how I took care of it, but this time I somehow lost all of my passwords. Then today I was trying to figure it out and so I tried to download a new version of Firefox and that is when I lost the bookmarks, so I made it worse by doing that. So now there are no passwords or bookmarks on my computer and can not find them even by importing them and do not see them on the Trouble shooting page.

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security add-ons deleted all saved passwords and bookmarks and is not restoring