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bookmarks will not import

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I saw the help about how to import bookmarks, but they will not import. It says to go to the bookmark menu and select show all bookmarks and then you choose to import from html. I do that and I select the bookmarks.html file and select to open it, but then nothing happens. That is, it doesn't show up in the import window. I even went to the properties of the bookmarks.html file and changed it to be a firefox file and that didn't help either. These were bookmarks from palemoon. They should work. And the option to import from another browser only has microsoft and chrome to choose from. I have win7 and ff version 47.0.2 (I like that style).

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Hi DiverDan, there is a feature to bring them over from Chrome: Import bookmarks and other data from Google Chrome. Does it work?

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Thanks, jscher2000. Strangely, that sorta worked. I now have three items on the horizontal line: Most Visited, Getting Started, and From Google Chrome. Click on that last one and I get a vertical list, which works, but it's strange, so I consider it half-solved because they're not the usual format aka all on one horizontal line. I can't attach a screen capture yet because installing PShop was on the list for tomorrow.

So; usable but not fully solved, but thanx to you, I can find my bookmarked sites. Yay!

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Hi DiverDan, to move the contents of the folder onto the bar:

(1) Open the Library window using either:

  • "Show All Bookmarks"
  • Windows: Ctrl+Shift+b, Mac: Command+Shift+b

(2) In the left column, click Bookmarks Toolbar, then click the "from Chrome" folder

(3) On the right side, select the entire contents of that folder using either right-click > Select All, Windows: Ctrl+a, Mac: Command+a

(4) Drag everything to the Bookmarks Toolbar in the left column and drop it there

That should move it to the main level of the bar

There is an Undo command for this window if something goes wrong. Either use the Organize menu, or Windows: Ctrl+z, Mac: Command+z

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Thanks for that, but I found I could drag folders from the vertical list to the toolbar. As I had over 50 folders, I decided it was a good time to just do that with the 15 or so I use most; a little housecleaning, and leave the rest under "From Google Chrome".

I'm satisfied with the result, so anyone reading this later now has a choice of moving all at once by your method, or doing toolbar cleanup as I did.

Thanks again.

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