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Cannot use extensions (e.g. Grammarly, liner), keep asking to log in/sign up!!

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I have tried adding several different extensions to firefox and they do not seem to work. So, I am beginning to think that this is a problem with firefox rather than with the companies that create the extensions.

Liner extension: I added the extension to firefox and have set up an account. But each time I try to use it to highlight text in a webpage, it asks me to sign up in order to use the extension. If I press OK, it will then lead me to the sign up page, I enter my account detail to log in. It logs in successfully. But then when I go back to use the extension, it continues to ask me to sign up. If I press OK again, it again guides me to the sign up page, except that the page immediately refreshes to my account's page since it remembers I already have signed in! But the extension still doesn't work!

Similar situations with grammarly and google translate.

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