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how to FAST swich between languages

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I have to use different languages, several times a day. How to switch between? In the past, there was an extension like quick locale switcher, but none is compatible with FF 57+ I absolute need such feature.

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Unfortunately there's no replacement for Quick Locale Switcher.

What you could try is this :


I don't think that this add-on will come even close to what you want, but I'm giving you this link, just in case :


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Ok, thanks.

Now writing a program that modifies prefs.js and start FF, seems the only sulution. ;-(

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ruud.uphoff said

Now writing a program that modifies prefs.js and start FF, seems the only sulution. ;-(

No need for that sad face just yet - who knows : somebody else just might come up with the perfect solution for you ......

I'm just sorry that hasn't been me  :-(

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Note that Firefox 9 will no longer use general.useragent.locale to set the locale.

  • Bug 1325870 - [meta] Unify locale selection across components and languages

There is a command line switch (-UILocale xx-xx) to start Firefox with a specific locale.

You can possibly create desktop shortcuts for each language or use -no-remote with separate profiles to run multiple language version simultaneously.

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