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With each update, I lose all of my saved passwords now. What's going on, and what can I do to ensure this doesn't happen again? I'm really desperate!

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Sync is working, I'm Windows 10 on a Dell Inspirion something or other. The last two updates, over the past weeks, I've lost my saved passwords. I have no idea what I'm doing that's causing this to happen. Is there a setting or something I can try? Please help. I am not computer savvy. Basics I get.

Many thanks for any help any of you could provide.

Best, LaurieEM

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LaurieEM said

I've lost my saved passwords

What about the rest of your profile? History, bookmarks, settings . . . .

Look on your desktop. Do you see a folder called; Old Firefox?




In the event that the passwords information is lost, you should record all information in a separate text file somewhere else on your hard drive, or written down. You can easily copy and paste if you need to do so. If you are concerned about someone else looking at that file, you can compress it using a password.

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Hi. Yes, there is a folder on the desktop marked "Old Firefox." And no - I did not lose my bookmarks, settings, or history. Just the saved passwords? Strange.

I've got my passwords saved elsewhere, safely - but the convenience of having them saved on FF is huge for me.

I did find these two folders in the desktop file:

logins.json logins.json.corrupt


Thank you for the speedy reply!

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key3.db [v58+] key4.db and logins.json : These are the Password files. Both are required.

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I have both in the folders, as well as logins.json.

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Remove key4.db This may restore your passwords.

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You can either try to delete key4.db and rename logins.json.corrupt to logins.json to see if that works with the present key3.db or delete key4.db and restore logins.json and key3.db from the "Old Firefox Data" folder on the desktop.