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Number type inputs do not show value's decimal spaces if they are zeros

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I am only having this issue on firefox, it works as expected on chrome.

If I have a number input with a value of "20.00" or 20.00 (as a string or number) it always shows 20 without the decimal spaces inside the input box.

I need the type="number" so avoid other inputs that aren't numbers because of internal calculations that are done after the input.

For example:


How can I have the value inside the input show with the 2 decimal values?

As far as I have read around the web, there is no solution to this issue and it is probably an issue to be solved internally by the mozilla firefox dev team.

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TyDraniu said

Try to ask them here => https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1003896

Looks like this has been an issue for 4years. I guess mozilla doesn't care about it...