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New version of Firefox does not work with Univ. of MS programs or at many retail sites. I now must use Google Chrome, which I hate.

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Since the last version of Firefox was updated (I believe 52.2) I have not been able to use Firefox for programs within the University of Mississippi (mostly to process forms through myOleMiss (https://my.olemiss.edu/irj/portal?NavigationTarget=navurl://3767964649b58f6ecb2a41a28c11fe3b). I have also tried making purchase through various retail sites and cannot access a secure site, both for ordering and checkout. I have been forced to use Google Chrome. Everyone has said that when Firefox updates again, all the problems will be fixed, but I just updated to version 53.0 and the problems still exist - so I continue to use Google Chrome for shopping and performing my job tasks. Ugh!

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Hi Carol, let's handle those separately.

Problems processing forms: are these typical web forms you fill out and submit, or are they PDF forms? I'll add a note at the end about PDFs in Firefox 52.

Shopping: are you getting a full page error message? These two articles cover the most common ones:

If you get a blank page during the process, this may be caused by blocking redirects that site sites use for PayPal or other third party payments. Please check here:

  • Windows: "3-bar" menu button (or Tools menu) > Options
  • Mac: "3-bar" menu button (or Firefox menu) > Preferences
  • Linux: "3-bar" menu button (or Edit menu) > Preferences

In the left column, click Advanced. Then on the right side, with the "General" mini-tab active, make sure the following is not selected (box is not checked): "Warn me when websites try to redirect or reload the page"

The regular release of Firefox 52 only allows one plugin, which is Flash. If you require the Adobe Acrobat plugin to handle PDF forms, you can switch to the Extended Support Release (ESR) of Firefox 52, which will still run Adobe Acrobat, Java, and other old plugins. ESR was first developed to meet the needs of large organizations that wanted Firefox to change much more slowly, but anyone can use it. It gets security updates but no feature changes for about a year at a time.

More information on this change and ESR: Why do Java, Silverlight, Adobe Acrobat and other plugins no longer work?

Windows Users: When you get to <a href="https://www.mozilla.org/firefox/organizations/all/" target="_blank">the ESR installer list</a>, you'll notice at least two different downloads for Windows:

  • Windows installer is the standard version for Windows that runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Vista through 10 (and 32-bit XP), the best choice for most users
  • Windows 64-bit installer ONLY runs the Flash and Silverlight plugins, so that is not what you're looking for. (If someone reading this only needs Silverlight and is considering switching to 64-bit, there may be some extra file cleanup to do on your system. See: How to switch from 32-bit to 64-bit Firefox)