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Restore history from places.sqlite

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dupe of /questions/1140143


I've accidentally deleted my browsing History, but managed to recover the deleted places.sqlite file from my HD.

I'm using a program to browse the file and indeed it's the file with all the visited sites, but I have no idea how to recover it in the form of a browsing history or even as a file.

I've tried deleting the new places.sqlite file that was created after deletion and pasting this old recovered file, but Firefox doesn't show any history so it didn't work.

I tried restoring the system to a day or more before the incident, but my Windows had no resstore points.

Quick info: Operating system: Windows 7 Professional; Firefox version: 48.0.2; Deletion happened yesterday; Restored places.sqlite file was 'intact', as told by Recuva; File can successfully be read by 'DB Browser for SQLite';

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