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Firefox is disabling my themes after I closed the previous session, why?

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After the Theme Font & Size Changer broke and I had to remove it in hopes it'd be fixed, my themes (LavaFox V2-Blue, LavaFox V2-Purple, and BlackFox V2) are being disabled (but not removed outright) randomly if I close Firefox and start it up again back to the default theme.

I've run virus scans and checked my files for everything (both in normal and safe mode), but there's nothing out of the ordinary and nothing malicious was found. A few days before hand there was an add on extension called "Firefox Hotfix" or something (fixes something to do with updates, idr) that I never added (unless the latest update added it) and I removed it without issue. My other add on extensions have not disabled themselves either.

I'd rather not Refresh Firefox since I'll lose a lot of things and it'd take me forever to add them all again when it might not even fix this issue.

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I have used this add-on for years. It has suddenly stopped working. It shows as being properly installed, but I cannot access the settings. I tried removing and re-installing but that did not make any difference.