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Firefox crashes - auto refresh and lost all tabs

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i used firefox from my last desktop shutdown with hundreds tabs opened. i did set to intact tabs from last session when everytime i use firefix, however i lost all of them when today i open firefox and auto run a refresh telling me all my add-on are gone and no longer works. it dont generate a data folder from old firefox data on my desktop, so how can i restore tabs from that data file.

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Could you check if you have an extra profile folder in the following location:

Select the following shortcut, copy it, then paste it to the Windows systemwide search box (or the Run dialog) and press Enter to load it:


There must be at least one folder here, the one you have now. Can you find other folders? If you look inside other folders, do any of them appear to be updated to the time before the Refresh? In that case we can suggest how to help Firefox "see" that folder.