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Firefox for Android - slowly open/loads websites for first time

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I have installed the latest version of Firefox on my Android mobile. Its working great, but i have used to google chrome browser, what i like about chrome is that when i open google chrome browser it opens the page with a google search engine which loads within 1 second which is much faster, on the other hand when i had set a homepage to google.co.in and open Firefox browser then the site google.co.in loads in 6 seconds which is very slow as compared with google chrome browser. Even if i open Firefox browser with Firefox home page and then open google.co.in even then site google.co.in loads in 6 seconds.

But this slow loading time happens only once, and once google or any other website opens then when i open any other sites then it loads fast, so the problem is when Firefox browser opens any site for the first time.

Hope you understand my point and i request you please check at your end and compare, if possible could you make Firefox browser opens any site for the first time load less then 6 seconds, for that you had to release a fix for this loading site problem kidnly please do release new update for firefox browser.

And secondly could you make firefox browser opens just like google chrome browser. Google chrome browser opens google search engine page by default which opens and loads with in 1 second or less so if you could make Firefox browser open with google search engine which could open and loads with in 1 second then it will be just great.

Hope you consider my request.

Waiting for your reply

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After updating to Version 47, still andriod firefox slowly open/loads websites as compared to chrome and uc browser.

Is there anyone who can check this problem and fix!