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PLEASE, post the directions to permanently disable the blue caret when browsing search results in Google, yahoo,etc. Thank you!!

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Using Options > Advanced > General does not turn off the blue caret.

Nor is there an option withing about:config to turn off the blue caret.

Please post instructions that will permanently disable this darn caret.

Thank you.

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Where do you see that blue caret?

Can you attach a screenshot?

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Ha, attaching a screen shot is another function in Firefox that does not work. I attached a screen shot to original question and it did not attach.

We will see if this works now. It looks like it attached again.



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That is Google that adds these to facilitate navigation with the keyboard.

This is a new feature on the Google results page to allow navigation via the keyboard when Google Instant predictions is enabled. This arrow will appear once you use the cursor Up/Down keys. You can consider to disable Google Instant predictions on the Google Search Settings page.

Google Instant predictions -> Never