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I just did a reset, as Firefox said my bookmarks would be preserved, I had way over one hundred bookmark folders, now its all missing those bookmark folders

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Was having various performance issues with Firefox, considered doing reset, the reset instructions indicated all my bookmarks would be preserved, had a couple of hundred bookmark folders, I did the reset, I have a few unsorted bookmarks left, but 100% of my bookmarks folders, which is 99%+ of my bookmarks are gone, how do I recover all my bookmark folders?



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Hi Kevin, There are two options I can think of. The first is that when you refresh the profile in the browser a folder called "Old Firefox Data" is created on the Desktop. From this folder look for places.sqlite. I would copy this file into a new profile to see if the bookmarks are all there.

The second, is that there are a number of bookmark back up files that existed in that folder as well. Find the one with the latest date and use this file in the import back up dialogue that you can find in the Bookmarks manager in Bookmarks > Show all bookmarks

see also: Recover lost or missing Bookmarks