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Youtube lagging every few seconds

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The audio continues to play but the video stops. I've tried everything from Malwarebytes, disabling hardware acceleration and using the about:config.

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Please also note that html5 may need to be enabled to view some videos on youtube https://www.youtube.com/html5

Please tell us if this helped!

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Still lags on Youtube!

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Please check the speed of your service provider, it might be easy to tell if you lower the quality of the video in youtube first.

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download speed is 22.3 Mbps and upload is9.36Mps

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Could you check whether you are using the built-in "HTML5" video player or Flash? Generally speaking, you can distinguish them by right-clicking the player.

There is an add-on which allows you to force one player or the other on YouTube and it might be worth experimenting to see which one works better/worse: