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When I try to access a subfolder in my bookmarks dropdown menu, they won't show. Help

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Here's my dilemma, using FF 35.0 in Mac OS 10.7.5, I click on the Bookmarks toolbar at the top. It shows all of the top folders I created to sort my bookmarks. I have all of my bookmarks sorted into these "top" level folders. I can scroll down and access the bookmarks in these "top" level folders because a window next to the arrow pops open. Inside of these folders, I have bookmarks sorted into "sub" level folders. On some, not all, of these "sub" level folders, the window that is supposed to pop open won't. I tried making a new "sub" folder and moving all of the contents into it with the same result. If I move bookmarks one by one, it works until one specific bookmark is dropped in, then it won't pop open. Since I have lots of bookmarks in lots of subfolders, I wanted to know if there's something that I can do to not have to go through and move every single bookmark to root out a "bad" bookmark. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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