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How Do I transfer bookmarks from Safari 8.0.2 to Firefox 34.0.5

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I want to transfer bookmarks from my Safari browser to my Firefox browser. I'm using Safari 8.0.2 and Firefox 34.0.5 on my Mac OS 10 Yosemite operating system.

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You should be able to export bookmarks from Safari by using File > Export Bookmarks and choosing where to put the file. Then open Firefox bookmarks window from "Show All Bookmarks" and import the file you saved from Safari.

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Press the Alt or F10 key to bring up the tool bar. Then select Bookmarks. Hot key is <Control>(Mac:<Command>)<Shift> B. Once the window is open, at the top of the page, press the button labeled Import and Backup. Select Export Bookmarks To HTML, and follow the prompts and save it to a HTML file. Copy the file to another computer. Repeat the instructions above, BUT select Import Bookmarks From HTML,

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F10 on a Mac is part of Exposé, and it separates the open windows on the desktop. The menu bar on Mac OS is outside the application window at the top of the screen, and cannot be hidden. It is also themed and controlled by Mac OS.

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Does this mean you can reach the bookmarks window?

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Certainly, from the bookmarks menu.

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Once the window is open . . . . . [https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1036209#answer-665085 Posted 12/14/14 9:21 PM]

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