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Youtube Safety Mode will turn on if Windows 7 Parental Controls are enabled.

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Youtube Safety Mode will turn on if Windows Parental Controls are enabled.

If I disable parental controls, safety mode safety mode will turn itself off. But if parental controls are re-enabled, safety mode will turn itself on. If I then try to turn it off manually, it says that it's been disabled, but it still stays on.

The only parental control that's enabled is the time limits. There are no other restrictions enabled. There is no other filtering software installed. It is doing this on three separate machines.

This is a problem specific to Firefox. Chrome and Internet Explorer do not exhibit this behavior. For the moment, they are using Chrome, as I do not wish to turn off parental controls.

This is recent behavior, within the last week or so. Prior to this, it didn't have any problems at all. I don't have an exact date when it started, but it sounds like it was one of the last few upgrades.

Is there a configuration setting to tell Firefox to not look at parental controls?

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This is not a feature, it's a bug.

I do not want to restrict what my kids see on the web. I have the parental controls enabled just for the time restrictions. There are no content restrictions applied.

You either need to make it more fine-grained, and only send the header if content restrictions are enabled in parental controls, or put in something to be able to turn Prefer:Safe off.

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hello, this is a primarily community-run support forum staffed by other firefox users willing to help out (we cannot incorporate your feedback or fix bugs, as developers won't read here). if you feel that it's a bug in the browser and there need to be more fine-grained controls in place please file a report for it at bugzilla.mozilla.org.

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Apologies. I hadn't realized info here didn't filter its way back.

There was already a bug filed. If anyone else reading this has this issue, please comment there.


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thanks! for other affected users reading here please VOTE for the bug instead of commenting, when you want to see it changed. mere "me too" comments aren't considered helpful and are against https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/page.cgi?id=etiquette.html.