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is Firefox Portable stuck at 27.0.1?

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I have Firefox Portable running from a USB-3 stick so when I leave the office, it leaves with me.

But it's stuck at 27.0.1 and repeated attempts to download the update and install it I keep getting a dialog box after restarting that says:

— — —

UPDATE FAILED There were problems checking for, downloading, or installing this update. Firefox could not be updated because: The Update could not be installed (patch apply failed)

You can update Firefox manually by visiting this link and downloading the latest version: https://www.mozilla.org/firefox

— — —

The problem is that there's no portable version available from Mozilla at that address. Only versions which store my user data on the computer, which I don't want.

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You can get FF 32 portable and many many more portable software programs .


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That's windows only. I'm on a Mac.

"System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8"

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There's one mentioned in the forums, but I'm _very_ reluctant to download and install an app from some individual's private google server space. We use these apps for everything these days and the ability to take all the passwords and send them to some third party can easily be embedded in a private hack of the app.

That's why I want an _official_ version.

Or I want the update to work on the version I have.

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I don't think any portable apps are developed my Mozilla, they are usually maintained by third party developers like those in portableapps.com


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Mozilla doesn't build a Firefox Portable version - it's a 3rd party application for all operating systems. Portable Apps only makes a Windows version of Portable Firefox, but it's as close to an "official" version as it can get. Other versions for Mac and Linux operating systems have been made by other builders over the years, but those have been nowhere as consistent as the Windows version from Portable Apps as far as release sequence and continuity. It seems that they might exist for a couple of years, then they disappear, and someone else starts doing those builds. And it's been a lot worse since Firefox 5 or 6 as the Rapid Release schedule was instituted in stages.

For Mac in particular, I would spend some time perusing some of the Mac User Groups for recommendations for trust worthy Portable builders. See what other Mac users recommend.

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Sorry, didn't realize you were on a mac. Mozilla no longer supports the portable versions. I have searched and found only the link found at portableApps. Which leads to here.


I also download the file and scanned it with Avast antivirus and Iobit Malware and it came back clean.

Happy hunting


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"Mozilla no longer supports the portable versions."

Mozilla never made a Firefox Portable version, it's always been a 3rd party application!

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I appreciate you downloading it and scanning it.

Does the scanning check it for reporting back to home? That's what I'm most worried about... using it for ordering stuff online and my credit card info or website login info is not only sent where I want it, but also squirreled away to other locations through the app.

Not directly malicious, but it ruins the security of the principle if the app can nab critical data as it's being entered and before it passes into SSL to the destination.

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Sorry for taking so long to answer. Have been in the hospital. No it doesn't check for phoning home only malware and virus. I fully understand your concerns. I personally use another FF port called PaleMoon portable but alas there is no Mac version.Windows/ Linux/ Atom/ which is aa build specifically made to run on the Intel Atom processors it is also Win XP compatable. I would suggest asking on the PortableApps Forums. John Haller tests every app hosted there and he or someone else may have had some experience with that Mac version. I don't think he would link to it if something was wrong.



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