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Enabling addons on per website basis

Hi, I found some discussion related ( but no solution yet. This is imho a big flaw in the priv… (read more)


I found some discussion related ( but no solution yet.

This is imho a big flaw in the privacy of users.

There are trivial cases, for example if I use a YouTube downloader plugin, I obviously want it to monitor my browsing ONLY when I'm on

And there are some critical cases: when I browse my web banking, or when I go on some trading website, I don't want my financial operations to be at risk because of an add-on that is very useful everywhere but on those site.

However, I don't want to exclude all the add-ons for those website too, that would be just too much.

I think there's already a coding base in place, since you can disable each add-on when using private windows. This could be enhanced by having a system of whitelist/blacklist instead. And this feature would actually make more sense than using a private window.

Another way would be to have this feature on per container, instead of per website, than would work well too.

People have different activities, and some requires useful plugins, that are very specific. I mean Keepass's add-on (for example) is useful everywhere, but many add-ons are related to one activity at a time.

For example, if I'm a marketer and want to analyze website, I'll use add-ons for having stats on metadata or keywords or even real time reports from Alexa or from AliExpress, etc...

But when I'm reading my email, I'm not happy those add-ons can see my data.

That would be tedious to disable all those plugins every time I change activity, especially since we are productive humans so obviously we need to alternate those activities doing multitask all the time.

And the private window option is not flexible enough for that kind of multitasking, when containers are.

I hope this helps everyone understand clearly why I think my request is not only a real user need, but also currently a flaw in users privacy since most people will not trade the comfort of their add-ons for some privacy concern they don't always understand...

I know this is some kind of feature request more than ask for help, but is out of service so I don't know where to address my concern here.

Thanks for helping me pushing this idea forward.

Asked by Stopi 1 year ago

Answered by Paul 1 year ago