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I want to make a feature request. How to do it properly? Thanks, guys

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Sorry, i don't know how to do it

Chosen solution

You can press the ESC key to stop the page loading.

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You will probably need to discuss it somewhere to see if any developer is interested if any request has to stand a snowballs chance of being actioned.

Do you already have any developer or someone familiar with Fireox coding who is aware of this ?

Although this forum is not for discussing development issues or enhancement requests knowing very briefly what you are considering may help me point you in the correct direction.

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What kind of feature do you want to see added?

Maybe there is already an extension with this feature and in such a case it is less likely that it will be added.

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No, it would have looked very harmoniously as a built-in function.

Feature description: Firefox sometimes didn't recognize where is login and/or password field. And I must to type it every time.

I want to be able to edit data in window "Saved passwords". Now i can delete only, but don't add. Buttons like "Add" or "Edit" are useful here.

Thanks for answers!

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hello, websites can define that the browser shouldn't save passwords in their source-code, see Usernames and passwords are not saved

you could use an addon like the following to circumvent such restrictions:

in addition an extension that provides an add or edit button for passwords can be found here:

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Seems any feature has corresponding addon. But addon & built-in feature are very different things in my opinion.

So i'll try to post it at Maybe i'll get answer not about addon.

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Hendrix is no longer used for a few years now.
It has been replaced by

Editing a name and password is not a strait process as there is more involved like the names of the fields and the submit URL.
Firefox will ask to update a password if you correct the entry once filled by the Password Manager.
If the name needs to be changed then you can remove an entry and Firefox will ask to save the new name and password.

The saved-password-editor extension tries to guess things, but may get it wrong or may not able to provide a suggestion. This would be a problem if such a feature is built-in.

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How about a request for a great feature Firefox used to have?

Let me just say it here, once there was a time when you could stop a web page from loading by clicking the X button, but now you have to wait for slow/stupid pages to fill in. Yes, the X button is still available if you want it, but it just doesn't work. It's usually ghosted once a page is loading--which is precisely when you need to use it!

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Chosen Solution

You can press the ESC key to stop the page loading.

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There are also a number of top notch, very secure password managers available as addons. One of my favorites is LastPass which you can find in the Firefox addons page, for example.

But, that's off on a tangent from the original question, which I also would like to have the answer to. How can a person make a feature request. I have some features that I believe Firefox would greatly benefit from, especially the mobile versions of FF.

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No one seem to know how to make a "feature request"...or at least I did not see the answer here.... so rather than waste an hour trying to find the proper thread, place, sign in, jack with it, work around. grrrrr....

1. Place a fricking STOP BUTTON on the TOOLBAR, pleeeease 2. Add a "bookmark this tab" to the right click menu when hovering on a tab... 3. Get someone to redesign these forums and how we get it is now...many non techies...go straight from an attempt to get help the Google download page.

Thanks for not listening...:)~

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Sorry mwlovin,

We are just fellow users of Firefox trying to help one another.

You need to try somewhere else if you wish to bend the ear of a developer. You may make a brief comment in input as already mentioned up thread.

You mention moving to Google. Is their design policy, and direction led by users votes and users feature requests ?

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locking this thread as it has gone off topic