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browser freezes after resuming from sleep

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FF 21.0 Browser freezes after resuming from sleep. What would cause FF 21.0 Browser to freezes after resuming from sleep?


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Hello John99,

I have been following since I started thread. For me, the browser would freeze if I left it open when the computer went to sleep. So I would minimize the browser before putting computer to sleep. But if the computer was in sleep for along time (2 to 4 hours) minimizing didn't prevent the browser from freezing.

I just now Updated 8-14-13 to Firefox 23 I will see if the problem still exist.

If Firefox 23 fixes the problem I will Mark thread as solved.

Thank You,


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jscher2000: Disabling protected mode in flash WORKED. Now I can reliably wake up my system and use the FF browser without having to close and restore it. So is this a FF bug or a Flash bug? FYI: I just followed the "Last Resort" instructions you linked to above.

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I've been having the same problem for a few weeks now. I had the problem in FF21 and now in FF22. It don't remember if it occurred prior to FF21. It happens when on AC too; not just on battery. When it does happen, if I click anything (other than min/max/close), it doesn't show the result of the click unless I minimize the window, then restore it. Also if for example I click new tab, and it doesn't show up, if I close the browser and rerun it, I see the new tab. Which I guess is similar to the above how a command works after minimizing/restoring.

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Slickone: please try the protected mode flash fix above and let us know if it works for you.

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Slickone, those were my exact symptoms. Mine didn't start until 22.

FF21 hung when I woke up the computer, but it would eventually resolve itself after a few minutes.

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A major problem with this issue is that we do not yet seem to have any reproducible test case that works with other users. As I posted above if someone has the issue try to find the regression window.

Also try to find out what causes the problem, is it a Firefox extension or some plugin software. Does it go away in

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NerdyTechie, I just disabled protected mode. It might take me a couple days to check to see if it worked. Thanks

In another recent post, someone said if they minimize the FF window first, it works fine after sleep. Also there are a lot of posts about this problem! I'm surprised it hasn't been fixed.

I forgot to mention, I'm also using Win7 64bit.

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I am sad to report that disabling Flash protected mode did not work for me. I added the text to the mms.cfg file, rebooted, and started FF. My computer took a nap for few minutes and when it woke up, FF was still extremely poky. I noticed that I could (eventually) open a new webpage from my bookmarks, but the associated tab did not appear! The page was on the screen without a tab. Weird. Yesterday I disabled the Shockwave Flash plug-in and that had no discernible effect either.

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Boot the computer in Windows Safe Mode with network support (press F8 on the boot screen) as a test to see if that helps.

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Sorry, but my computer will not sleep in Safe Mode. Got a Plan B?

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Status report: into the 3rd day of the Flash 10.3 downgrade - everything running fine. No crashing Flash, no runtime errors, no freezing and - so far - the previous occasional BSODs after the computer had been booted for almost exactly 15 minutes (but never again the same day - some sort of update checker?) have also not reoccurred.

Fingers still crossed...

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Slickone said, "When it does happen, if I click anything (other than min/max/close), it doesn't show the result of the click unless I minimize the window, then restore it. Also if for example I click new tab, and it doesn't show up, if I close the browser and rerun it, I see the new tab. Which I guess is similar to the above how a command works after minimizing/restoring. "

I had this same problem. It went away after resetting, uninstalling/reinstalling, and using safe mode. Now it happens even when I'm in safe mode.

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It appears that the new Firefox Beta has fixed the problem. You can download it here:

Edit by a moderator ~j99

This web page with a download link is much more user friendly than the one given above which I have put a line through.

It will also offer current versions in future, and versions for different Operating Systems

Modified by John99

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Hi NerdyTechie,
Do you yourself have the problem and does Firefox 23 fix it for you ?

I note in another thread you are mentioning a bug report you are posting in. It seems odd that a bug is fixed that is not even confirmed; however such things happen which is why bugs are by preference tested in Nightly.

You may wish to post your results back into the bug report. You may also wish to offer to find the regression window in the bug report.

Anyone wishing to try Firefox 23 please note that is now on the Beta channel and the installer may be obtained from:

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I tried the ff beta upgrade. So far so good!

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Yes other reports of this or similar (Bug873110) being fixed with a Firefox 23 upgrade.

There are in my view advantages in using the Beta as explained in this post of mine

  • /questions/964507#answer-454886
  • Briefly,
    • It always has a secure downgrade path.
    • You see problems earlier and get six weeks to fix them and may meanwhile downgrade to the working Release if necessary
    • It helps everyone because you are finding problems when there is still a chance to get them fixed before the release.
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Some have reported that downgrading Flash seemed to make the problem go away. Since I could not find Version 10 of Flash, I completely removed Flash from my computer. Both IE and FF are Flash-less. I wish I could say that fixed the problem, but it does not. Flash may have nothing to do with this problem!

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Hi John99, The bug is listed as verified, fixed and closed, so I have nothing to post there. I'm happy that it's fixed though! I hope Moz rolls out the version 23 update officially -- most people don't know how to find these discussion topics and an autoupdate will address all their concerns. :)

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Hi NerdyTechie, Firefox 23 is expected to release August 6th. It's a six-week schedule.

To switch to the final release of Firefox 23 -- if you installed the beta version -- you will need to install it manually, otherwise, you will get the Firefox 24 beta.

For future reference:

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Hi NerdyTechie,

The thread I cross referenced was /questions/963963#answer-454165 and that in turn links to an unconfirmed bug

  • Bug 859038 - UI stops painting after resuming from sleep

that you posted in Is that still a problem in Firefox 23 ?

  • Possibly a bug involved in the fix was Bug 836869 - Make QueryPerformanceCounter bad leap detection heuristic smarter
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LOL I'm totally lost now among the 3 or 4 different threads. I'm just glad that the bug is squashed in v23.

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