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My roboform toolbar has disappeared. It shows that it is enabled in add-ons but it does not show up on the browser. I am using Windows XP.

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Firefox Version 22.0

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Hi there! There isn't much provided in the question but I'll do my best to provide an answer :)

Right-click Firefox's title bar. The toolbar might have been hidden by mistake. Screenshot:

Hope this helps ^.^

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Thanks for your attempted help. I went back to an earlier version of Firefox, which restored the Roboform toolbar. Then, when my automatic updater ran, the Roboform toolbar remained.

I like Firefox, but it is sometimes like a high-maintenance chick; very needy!

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First off, Firefox 22 is a beta version and some add-ons may not be compatible with pre-release versions.

Second, add-ons which contain binary components have to be re-compiled for each new major version. Supporting release versions is costly enough, but if those developers also supported beta versions that would be "high-maintenance".

Your best bet is to stick with the Firefox release versions for maximum compatibility of add-ons with Firefox, and leave the pre-release version testing to users who have "the stomach" to deal with compatibility issues.

My advice is to do a complete reinstall with the current release version - which is currently Firefox 21.

A Clean reinstall means that you remove Firefox program files and then reinstall Firefox. Please follow these steps:

Note: You might want to print these steps or view them in another browser.

  1. Download the latest Desktop version of Firefox from and save the setup file to your computer.
  2. After the download finishes, close all Firefox windows (click Exit from the Firefox or File menu).
  3. Delete the Firefox installation folder, which is located in one of these locations, by default:
    • Windows:
      • C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
      • C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox
    • Mac: Delete Firefox from the Applications folder.
    • Linux: If you installed Firefox with the distro-based package manager, you should use the same way to uninstall it - see Install Firefox on Linux. If you downloaded and installed the binary package from the Firefox download page, simply remove the folder firefox in your home directory.
  4. Now, go ahead and reinstall Firefox:
    1. Double-click the downloaded installation file and go through the steps of the installation wizard.
    2. Once the wizard is finished, choose to directly open Firefox after clicking the Finish button.

Please report back to see if this helped you!