Can't access Acrobat plugin for pdf files since Firefox 19 update

I don't like the new pdf viewer, which keeps throwing warnings and is not nearly as useable as the Acrobat plugin. I wanted to go back to the old Acrobat plugin installed with Adobe Reader XI. I have searched these forums and support files and have tried the following, none of which worked:

1. Tools/Options/Applications, change pdf setting to "use Adobe Reader." This enables Reader but not the plugin. There is no option listed for "Use Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox)." This option IS listed for other Acrobat file times such as Adobe Acrobat Forms Document.

2. Followed all of the suggestions on this web page, none of which worked:

3. Reinstalled Reader XI. Didn't help.

4. Disabled Acrobat plugin in FF. Restarted. Re-enabled it. Restarted. Didn't help.

5. Changed pdfjs.disabled to true in about:config. Didn't make any difference.

I'm pretty annoyed that I'm having to waste all of this time to get back to something that worked well. Just another lame update of FF that shouldn't have happened. You guys are rolling out the updates too often without enough input from users. And whatever happened to the idea of opting in to optional features instead of just forcing them on us. Will be looking to use IE more, where the plugin is working just fine.

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