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Firefox keeps crashing

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Moziila Firefox crashes and sends reports constantly ! Getting the following popup alert notices.


Can you fix this or must I get a NEW BROWSER ?

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Here are my most recent crash reports

38dec8f6-46be-4e4d-90a0-ce88d145c565 20-Feb-138:25 AM

3be70208-afa1-4ad8-bd2d-94963446ca75 20-Feb-138:25 AM

bp-b92be2b0-36c8-4c35-8c6e-c45f7213022020-Feb-138:22 AM

bp-3c9f86c5-118c-4fd1-9056-4e295213022019-Feb-138:29 PM

bp-5123988e-2a82-4b8e-8a95-e2f43213022019-Feb-138:25 PM

I've tried deleting windows updates, uninstalling and reinstalling firefox and running in safemode. It still is crashing quite frequently (twice since I opened this reply!) Hopefully someone has an idea of why this keeps happening. thanks!

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Please always start your own thread about crashes. It makes it a lot easier for everyone.

  • use /questions/new
  • Try to follow the prompts to add troubleshooting information if you are able to post from Firefox
  • If you d start a new thread and you have already posted in this thread please post back to say that and the posts may then be cross linked.
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Post already deleted, by user.

Also posted about a Windows 8 fx19 crash, that thread already locked:

but proposed solution upgrade to Firefox Beta 20

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Firefox keeps on crashing since I updated it to the latest version. At first it was just the add ons, some of it is not working properly, but after some time it got okay but now the browser itself keeps on crashing. And it happens every few minutes or hours or so. Wonder what's wrong.

bp-dd07df99-7227-4e5a-90f1-5851c2130226 bp-d4d445ce-226c-4f39-8b63-485a82130225 bp-20cadd5a-3dca-47df-b9a0-7f1cd2130225 bp-3932ff44-489f-4fbb-b00c-9404f2130225 bp-a0804f38-9131-4439-a207-803292130223

These are my error reports. Hope someone can help.

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Hi mayuu_akame, It would have been better if you (and everyone else with crashes) had started a new thread of your own by asking a question using link /questions/new.

The problem is this thread has multiple problems and multiple solutions, that is going to confuse anyone reading it to find a solution.

Your best solution is to upgrade to the Beta channel. When you do that

If you need any further information please start your own thread, and post back here to confirm you have done that (so we may find the new question).

For forum cross referencing purposes

  • Crash Reports for CrashID bp-dd07df99-7227-4e5a-90f1-5851c2130226
    Firefox 19.0 Crash Report [@ js::analyze::ScriptAnalysis::analyzeLifetimes(JSContext*) ]
    • Crash Signature: js::analyze::ScriptAnalysis::analyzeLifetimes(JSContext*)
    • Related Bug 806071 NEW --- crash in js::analyze::ScriptAnalysis::analyzeLifetimes mainly with AMD Radeon HD 6250/6290/6310/6320/6400M (Wrestler/Vancouver Asics)

IIRC a forum change may now mean locked threads do not show in searches, otherwise I would have considered locking the thread and adding a PM link.

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I have the same problem. I tried reinstalling but didn't work


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Hi allo4

There is a problem on Windows 8 with Firefox 19 and AMD Radeon HD 6XXX/7XXX graphic display cards.

This issue is currently being investigated in bug 830531 (please do not comment in bug reports).

  • Bug 830531 - [Win8] crash in XPC_WN_Helper_NewResolve mainly with AMD Radeon HD 6290/6310/6320/7290/7310/7340

If you have one of those display cards then best is to stay with or downgrade to Firefox 18.0.2 for now or try the Firefox 20 beta version that doesn't seem to be affected.

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I too have this same problem and have already tried resetting it and going into safe mode. Here is a list of my latest crash reports:

bp-d7b49bbd-88db-4c6e-b32c-8f6512130226 2/26/20136:56 PM

bp-e34b1fd5-cd46-47a8-bde6-ffe5b2130226 2/26/20136:55 PM

b362f4c5-987c-47da-91cd-bb58b9eb1877 2/26/20136:54 PM

bp-c4e61527-5e4d-4cd1-bd08-373f12130226 2/25/20138:55 PM

bp-2a1f97ef-220c-4ad1-ae93-79e1221302262/25/20138:53 PM

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Did you try to downgrade to Firefox 18.0.2 or switch to the beta version?

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Crash reports:
bp-a71bddc2-2093-45a9-bcfc-c316d2130228 28/02/2013 22:07
bp-fd8b275b-2f20-42a7-8d79-06c0b2130228 28/02/2013 22:06
bp-d8e4647e-e5b7-43b6-9049-51faa2130228 28/02/2013 21:57
bp-6e27e895-1441-44a0-8a5d-bff072130228 28/02/2013 21:54
bp-42928105-31e9-4e1b-9df9-216892130228 28/02/2013 21:51

the most recent 5 - but they are the the last 5 of a total of 12 in the last hour.

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hello jimee11, this is the same windows8/amd gpu crash. there is now an update (firefox 19.0.1) available for affected users, that fixes the issue:

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I'm having the same problem. Here are my latest crash reports.

20ca6fb2-1e1b-451b-b5ba-e4b04800bd48-flash 22/28/2013 7:08 PM
20ca6fb2-1e1b-451b-b5ba-e4b04800bd48-flash 12/28/2013 7:08 PM
20ca6fb2-1e1b-451b-b5ba-e4b04800bd48-browser 2/28/2013 7:08 PM
20ca6fb2-1e1b-451b-b5ba-e4b04800bd48 2/28/2013 7:08 PM
9ea81041-a4bf-4162-a390-b8c114a137c6-flash 22/28/2013 7:07 PM

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Ah yes. You are right. Sorry for not actually starting a new thread. I have just checked out what you said and I am planning on installing the Beta version that you have recommended. I have already tried re-installing my firefox 19ver and the crashing doesn't occur as much as before but it still does so I'm gonna head on to the beta version.

Also, to cor-el. I am not using Win8 but I have AMD Radeon Graphics so that might be why I am experiencing this problems with the 19ver of firefox. I'm gonna try the beta and see if it ends all of my problems.


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Are any of the experts still replying to this thread?

I have windows 7, NVidia gfx card. My Firefox only pulls up the crash reporter when I try to start it. It used to give me safe mode, now it does nothing but flash the crash reporter. I've uninstalled multiple times and reinstalled, and deleted every Mozilla folder in every profile on my computer. Here are the only four crash reports that I could find in my wife's profile, which is surprising because Im the administrator and no crash reports generated in my profile:





Please help! My firewall is not blocking Firefox either!

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Nevermind. I just learned how to read the crash report once it was generated. It seems Microsoft's push for IE10 upgraded direct x, which caused the continuous crash. An updated to my Nvidia gfx drivers solved the problem. Hope this helps someone else.

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I think everyone has had an answer now.

It may be useful to read the thread, but it really is best to start your own thread if you need to ask a question use

I will lock this thread now.

Note this thread initially started in January in relation to Firefox 18

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