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Is there no way to simply remove realplayer from the blocked list?

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...My issue is someone disabled the realplayer extension / addon / plug in for some ungodly reasoning due to some block list.

I'm over here cussing a blue streak at this choice of blocking, especially when I cant goto my "add ons" area and simply click "options/ turn on / enable etc" and what have you. Everything is greyed out thanks to an annoying block list filter.

Which, from my understanding doesnt even apply to my version of firefox. I have had realplayer on here for YEARS and it has never once caused me any problems.

And now because some one decides it causes issues with firefox version whatever, they're going to block it on a master block list for some reasoning? Tch.

Is there NO WAY to simply remove realplayer from this said block list? I know I can go into about;config and disable the -whole- list, which I dont want to do.

Cant someone make this thing a little more user friendly with the block list? Put some damn check boxes next to it so I can filter what I want.

And if someone tells me to update something or another... -twitch-

Everything had been working just fine for me until someone started playing with the ^%$#&ing block list. <--- top two.

Chosen solution

Edit the blocklist.xml file in your Profile folder to remove the line listing RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin, then lock that file thru Properties for that file in Windows Explorer.

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That almost looks like a screenshot of a Firefox 2 version with blocklist URL that starts with ""

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Tch. Damn. >/

Alright so going to have to edit it manually. D< Unless mozilla decides to play nice and make it more of an optional opt in or out or only block certain versions of real.

So just remove the codes for realplayer when I find them and save it? Don't have to worry about it cropping back up and doing it every time? Or...?

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You would be correct. =D It is version 2. A very early version of 2. Have any other possible thoughts other than editing the profile?

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You can simply disable the blocklisting and delete the blocklist.xml file in the Firefox Profile Folder if you do not want to make use for it.
That is better then to go back all the way to a Firefox 2 version or any other unsupported Firefox version.


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Never went -back- to it, I simply ---atleast on this machine, never left it. And I have no plans to leave it. Like I said in another post, dislike the rest of them actually.

I have yet to find something as good as

I would LIKE to keep the block list, which was why I didnt edit it out in the first place. Otherwise, yes, I know I could turn it off, but I'd rather not. My -only- issue is with the realplayer add on and I dont see disabling all the other block list items just for this one little tiny issue that could be resolved in a more practical way. >/

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if there is a block option for realplayer that says true in about:config, set it to false... u get the idea.

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Hi MozillaFirefox911, the blocklist.xml file is a distinct list of blocked add-ons that does not display in about:config. It is in your profile folder. It can be hand edited, but updates frequently, so the challenge for the poster is to find the best balance between keeping the blocks he wants and making the least frequent edits.

Modified by jscher2000

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oh yeah.. good idea.

maybe get rid of block in blocklist.xml and make it read-only. can be a pain if you want to block though.

can someone tell me if read only works with that kind of stuff?

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You can use an URL like this to download the blocklist.xml file yourself regularly and modify the file to your needs.

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If nothing else, it seems I very well may have to go that route, but would just have to remember to take out the realplayer addon every time.

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Firefox 2 doesn't have a way to utilize the softblock and will block any extension in the list (it won't block plugins).
If you would update to at least Firefox 3.6.28 or Firefox 13 then you should be able enable the RPBRP extension via the Add-on manger.
There will be website block you or that won't work properly (e.g. JavaScript) with such an old Firefox version.

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Then I'm stuck until Mozilla decides to do something a little more productive it seems. I might mess with the profile lists later on or get fed up with the pos and just disable everything so I can atleast use what I want to with out some lamer constraints. D<

Thanks for the help. =D Appreciate it.

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You're welcome

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Then I'm stuck until Mozilla decides to do something a little more productive it seems.

As you know, Firefox 2 is not going to get any updates. I imagine it would be possible to patch in a check for severity based on the current code base if it's that important to you.

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I dont really mind not getting updates persay on the functionality / upgrade part. Block list I'd like to keep and would like a back door work around sort of like 3 has so I have been told to where I can just goto options and click enable. >/

--I was thinking of changing priority level 1 to level 0, to see what that does. Instead of breaking the whole line of code first.

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