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Is there no way to simply remove realplayer from the blocked list?

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...My issue is someone disabled the realplayer extension / addon / plug in for some ungodly reasoning due to some block list.

I'm over here cussing a blue streak at this choice of blocking, especially when I cant goto my "add ons" area and simply click "options/ turn on / enable etc" and what have you. Everything is greyed out thanks to an annoying block list filter.

Which, from my understanding doesnt even apply to my version of firefox. I have had realplayer on here for YEARS and it has never once caused me any problems.

And now because some one decides it causes issues with firefox version whatever, they're going to block it on a master block list for some reasoning? Tch.

Is there NO WAY to simply remove realplayer from this said block list? I know I can go into about;config and disable the -whole- list, which I dont want to do.

Cant someone make this thing a little more user friendly with the block list? Put some damn check boxes next to it so I can filter what I want.

And if someone tells me to update something or another... -twitch-

Everything had been working just fine for me until someone started playing with the ^%$#&ing block list. <--- top two.

Chosen solution

Edit the blocklist.xml file in your Profile folder to remove the line listing RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin, then lock that file thru Properties for that file in Windows Explorer.

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Chosen Solution

Edit the blocklist.xml file in your Profile folder to remove the line listing RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin, then lock that file thru Properties for that file in Windows Explorer.

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I note the current Official Firefox advice is to downgrade to an earlier FlashPlayer version if you have problems. If that remains the case it may be difficult to justify leaving the RealPlayer extension on the blocklist and so it may be removed anyway.

This is obviously going to be a question others ask, so I will try to find an answer, but it may take a day or so. Meanwhile a related thread worth looking at is

  • How can I enable blocked flash plugin on firefox? /questions/928105 although all that really does is suggest how to totally disable the blocklist activity.
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If following the-edmeister's advice posted above, it may be useful to note that the blocked plugin may not show by plain textname, but the blocks are apparently on




Although I only notice the first of those on my system.


The official advice about Flash Crashes is here:

Modified by John99

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try Flashblock or BlockSite.

or unblock all and have a list of what you want to block back up.

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It is a soft block AFAIK, so you should be able to enable the extension in the Add-ons manager.

If you would lock the file as suggested above then Firefox won't be able to update the file and this may even cause delays or other malfunctioning, so it is not advised to make such changes.

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Nope, its locked under the add ons option / manager. It reads:

Realplayer browser record plug in 1.1.2 detects all recordable content on the browser disabled for your protection ( -scoffs- )

Then the three buttons it gives me:

Options enable uninstall

All are greyed out and I cant do crapola with it. D<

Exactly, which is what I really didnt want to do, I appreciate firefox blocking some of the other useless crap, however to take away a feature that "may" or maynot be causing any difficulties with some versions of firefox or another... I don't feel it should be blocked. If they're so bothered by it, then slap a friggin warning label up on it and leave us with out difficulties on it alone. >/

Know of any other solutions?

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is there another program that preforms the same purpose?

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see if you can go iinto about:config, find if you can the block realplayer, and make it true (or false, depending on wording). otherwise, i'm dry.

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Not having an issue with flash. I've not updated flash in.... -whistles.- aaaaaaages. Simply because alot of people do not make anything compatible with the only version of firefox I like any more. ( as far as flash and add ons go anyway )

The browser itself and sites for the most part work fine for me, I've not had any issues with flash, so that doesnt really concern me in the least.

I just want firefox to stop blockin' crap I use just because they deem they...can? They...have to? -head scratch.-

I'd rather not edit any of the profile files and screw up everything, I do appreciate the block list, I just want fire fox to make some of this junk optional, y'know?

Realplayer is a 3rd party add on that you can have disabled through real player if it messes with the browser. You dont have to have that on there, and you can also disable it through the browser on your own. So why they didnt slap a warning tag I can blatantly ignore on it instead of making it totally unusable to the point I HAVE to use IE, is beyond me. D<

Got any other ideas for me? =D I'm open to suggestions.

Think there maybe a way to just remove real player from that list by breaking the code some how with out locking it so I can still receive the useful blocks?

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well, im dry.

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Went there, they dont have anything -specifically- for realplayer, trust me, I looked. It's either ALL the block list or none of the block list from what I gathered, so there is no individual listing for it, if they made one, that would be nice, would have gone over there, blocked their blocking and been done with it instead of over here cussing a blue streak at firefox. =D

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maybe make list of all you want to block, unblock all, than use list to re-block.

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Could, but in the long run, that is a pain in the butt as new stuff is constantly cropping up and mozilla keeps on top of that with their block list which saves users alot of grief....most times.

I just think its a rather... lame move on their part putting it nicely as possible at the moment that they felt the need / want / urge to block something such as real player that a user if they so CHOSE to, could block it on their own.

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It says: users can re-enable it from the Add-ons Manager if necessary

Why was it blocked?
The RealPlayer Browser Record extension is causing significant problems on Flash video sites like YouTube. This block automatically disables the add-on, but users can re-enable it from the Add-ons Manager if necessary.

You can try to delete the files extensions.* (e.g. extensions.sqlite, extensions.ini, extensions.cache) and compatibility.ini in the Firefox profile folder to reset the extensions registry.

New files will be created when required.

If you see disabled, not compatible, extensions in "Tools > Add-ons > Extensions" then click the Tools button at the left side of the Search Bar (or click the "Find Updates" button in older Firefox versions) to check if there is a compatibility update available.

See "Corrupt extension files":

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Just out of curiosity, if you open your current profile folder and rename blocklist.xml to blocklist.bak and restart Firefox, do blocked add-ons become unblocked?

Since this block is set to severity="1" and the default "hard" block level is "2", it really should be a "soft" block. By any chance do you have a lower hard block preference?

(1) In a new tab, type or paste about:config in the address bar and press Enter. Click the button promising to be careful.

(2) In the filter box, type or paste blocklist and pause while the list is filtered

(3) If extensions.blocklist.level is set to one or lower, right-click it and choose Reset.

You may have to restart Firefox to see any change.

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Mn, I dont know. I might have to try renaming it to see.

As for the other option you gave me about the severity levels... Well, might need juuuust a little more help on that.

What I have when it comes up--- -attaches image-

Any thoughts on what to change? =D

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Yes, I read that we -could- enable it if we wanted to, and trust me I have tried. See first posted screen shot for it showing all greyed out.

I tried looking for the update extensions however it gives me nothing for real player. Which is probably just as well, considering they now have 5 plug ins / add ons for version 15 something now? X.o; Dont really need all that useless junk.

...Worse comes to worse... I might have to go in and try deleting / resetting all those, however really didnt want to do that. >/

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I don't know why you are missing that preference. Are you running an extremely ancient version of Firefox? I think that preference was added in Firefox 3.5. Prior to that, there were no soft blocks or warnings, only hard blocks.

If you have Firefox 3.5 or newer, you could try adding the preference.

First, copy the name to the clipboard: extensions.blocklist.level

Next, right-click an existing preference and choose New > Integer

Paste the name, click OK, then type 2 and click OK. You might need to restart Firefox for that to take effect.

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Very ancient firefox. Older than 3.5 actually. =D About the only version I have liked for interface and set up, even speed and compatibly. I have tried other versions, however I didnt like them.

I have tried 3.something, and it had major issues, tried 3.6 I think it was, it kept crashing every time I tried to do something on photobucket.

Um...lets see, I have tried 12, and didnt like it at all, I quickly got rid of it. Went to 9. something and didnt see where it was all that great. ( done this on another machine. ) this one has 2 and 3 something on it, however I've no plans to leave

Think adding the preference would still apply in this case? =D

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Think adding the preference would still apply in this case?

No, there's no code in Firefox 2 to process the preference. You probably need to edit the blocklist.xml file manually.

And you should sandbox the heck out of the browser, since it's a ticking time bomb of security vulnerabilities.

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