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Why has my history just disappeared randomly - but not completely?

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Something very annoying and very surprising has occurred: over 3 months worth of browsing history has disappeared. Kind of. I'll start from the beginning. At about 10 o'clock Monday evening, I finished my day's worth of browsing and went to bed. Right before I closed Firefox, however, I checked my history to see how much I'd done that day. There was a lot, more than average for me; same thing with Sunday. So I leave the computer for the day, knowing that even though my history was steadily being deleted as I viewed more pages, as it was set to, it was all safe and there to be backed up when necessary. However, upon logging in at around 4 o'clock the next day (Tuesday) I noticed something peculiar: my location bar wasn't showing anything when I typed things in. Apart from the homepages for Google, Facebook, Youtube, etc., it would not take anything else. I typed in letters, words, and links, and nothing showed up. I pulled up my history, and saw that everything seemed to be in order; "December" was still available, as was January and this month. It was all there as far as I could see. I went away for about 4 hours as my dad came in to fix the faltering video card. Upon returning at 8 o'clock, I tried the location bar again, and still nothing. This time when I checked my history, I actually clicked on the months. What I saw shocked me. Today's history was still complete, obviously, as I hadn't done much to begin with. Clicking on Yesterday, however, I was very surprised to discover that it wasn't complete; over half was missing. Worried, I clicked on Last 7 days; then This month; then January and December. Staring at the screen, I simply couldn't believe that pretty much all my history had just vanished, and I hadn't even done anything. But then I realized something. The history was NOT gone, just missing (if that makes any sense). I went back to the location bar, and tried more letters and words; this time, I got some results. Checking to see if they were in my history, I found they weren't. Surprised at this, I went further and looked up a news article I read back in December, which no longer showed up in the history or location bar. Looking back into the history, I found that, as I suspected, it registered in the history in December as well as now. Another thing that strikes me as weird, is that, in both December and January, the only bits of history that show up are pages that I've revisited today. Because of this, there is no feasible way that these sections could have existed unless I didn't visit these pages again. But if that's true, then how were those sections still there? Today, I tried more pages, and again they pop up in their proper places despite not appearing before in the history. Various websites also pop up with different letters now in the location bar, despite the fact that if they were deleted they shouldn't be able to. I have read up on the places.sqlite file, which in my case, according to my computer, was created in February 2007. If my suspicions are correct, if I'm able to open that, I should be able to recover the history... right? Sorry for rambling, but this is very important to me in that the lengthy history assisted me in daily browsing because I was able to get to videos and links just by typing in a letter or a word. I have not deleted anything yet, just in case anything can be recovered. Or, even if recovery is impossible, if it's possible to VIEW the history, i.e. in a list of websites, I would be able to take them out and save them elsewhere and backup/add back at my leisure. I hope someone can help.

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Well, to put it simply, the location bar doesn't work when searching through the history. The only things that come up are websites that, before this whole thing happened, were visited frequently. None of the specific links or sites that have been visited in the last week will show up. Also with some letters nothing shows up for whatever reason. Also, my Most Visited tab doesn't work. Again, only 3 things show up. They are also only from before this incident. History itself works fine as far as I can see, but in order to find specific links I have to open up the history and look for it manually rather than type in a keyword and find it in the location bar. Looking in the options, everything's fine; it's set to look in history and bookmarks, so I'm not quite sure what the problem is.

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If the history isn't working as it should then you need to delete (or move) all the places files in the profile folder and start with new history.
The bookmarks should be restored automatically from the most recent JSON backup in the bookmarkbackups folder.

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