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firefox 6 crashes whith Adobe Flash player enabled

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After updating to Firefox 6 the browser keeps crashing at each instance where flash player is triggered. I uninstalled and re-installed both firefox 6 and flash player 10.3 and cleaned my registry. I keep having the same issue, unable to use FF where all other browser function normally. i.e. chrome, ie9, safari

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See Flash Plugin - Keep it up to date and troubleshoot problems for general info about FlashPlayer.

What exactly do you mean by 'the browser keeps crashing' can you paste any relevant error messages into your next post, and describe exactly what happens. Changes to recent versions of Firefox have made it less likely that FlashPlayer can crash the Firefox browser.

Does Firefox only crash when using FlashPlayer, have you tried it on other sites that do not require flashPlayer, and have you tried it with FlashPlayer disabled. There are many reasons firefox may crash, often related to malware or particular extensions or combinations of extensions, currently something called iDvault is a common cause of crashes.

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I keep getting the following pop-up every time I go to a website that has any flash enabled on it.


Adobe Flash Player 10

A script in this movie is causing Adobe Flash Player 10 to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer may become unresponsive. Do you want to abort the script? ____________

When you try to hit either Abort or Continue the pop-up is unresponsive. I can use other programs on my computer when this script appears so the computer is responsive it is just Firefox that is unresponsive. The only way I am able to get responsiveness back is to pull up Task Manager and kill the Process.

I believe the issue is solely with Adobe Flash Player 10, because I can uninstall it and everything works fine. Problem is almost every website I go to has Flash and they do not function.

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Troubleshooting plugins

Check and tell if its working.

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Hi, I had this problem under Vista 32 Enterprise after upgrading FF to 5.0, then 6.0. It was clearly about the Flash Player plugin, and each time I somehow solved the problem by uninstalling/reinstalling FF and/or Flash, can't remember exactly the timeline of actions as it was a bit messy and random. Now the same PC was upgraded to 7 Enterprise 64bits, and right away FF 6.0.2 started hanging on pages with Flash content ("not responding"). So far I've tried everything, clean uninstall of Shockwave Flash (, FF uninstall/reinstall, to no avail. Now I'm running OK with Flash plugin disabled... It's FF 32bits (I think, as it appears with "*32" in the task manager).

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Firefox is already running but is not responding

Profile in use

Check and tell if its working.

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@mha007 : thanks, but with "not responding" I mean that "(not responding)" shows in the title bar next to "Mozilla Firefox" and FF just hangs for a while. There is no popup. Just noticed (Flash disabled) that downloading PDF files with .pdf associated with the Acrobat plugin also hangs FF, ends with a black display within the tab.

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Did you read the article I linked to in my last message Flash Plugin - Keep it up to date and troubleshoot problems & if so

  • checked that you do have the latest version , using Adobe's site test

You mention all works if FlashPlayer is uninstalled. Is merely disabling FlashPlayer from the Add-ons manger also a workaround, have you tried that ?

It probably is also worth experimenting with FlashPlayers hardware acceleration, try with that set to be off. If the problem is always caused by FlashPlayer, you could try Adobe's own forums, you may be able to get advice there. (They also have their own knowledge base).

You may note that nhatton is reporting above that Firefox hangs with Adobe reader on a 64 bit installation, when .pdf s are downloaded do you also have that problem ?

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I'm going through the second link provided by mah007, very interesting, but I have the impression the troubleshooting is a bit flawed if you don't restart FF everytime you change some setting : say a web page hangs with Flash enabled, it doesn't with Flash disabled, hangs again with Flash enabled and when the page is loaded the Flash application doesn't show at all (simple test page : Then I restart FF altogether with both Flash (HW acceleration enabled) and Acrobat add-ons enabled, and everything is fine. Seems completely random here... ;-(

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Someone else was having unexplained problems with FlashPlayer /questions/874740#answer-246558 and seems to think re-installing it despite it already being apparently up-to-date may have remedied the problem.

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I haven't finished all the possible cross-checks, but it seems that with hardware acceleration disabled in the Flash settings it is much better, "heavy" pages even seem to load a bit faster. Perhaps it has something to do with my video drivers ? It's an Intel 4 Series Chipset and "about:support" indicates that all the fancy video features (D2D, WebGL, GPU Acceleration,...) are Blocked and that I should try to update the driver. For the record I have driver

Reinstalling FF and Flash had been tried a couple of times using different ways, no joy.

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Hi, My last update on this topic as I'm now running FF 7.x. Couldn't update the driver as this is a OEM'd Intel chipset. Even without HW acceleration it would hang once in a while. The best I could get was to make sure that the very first page I would load in FF (besides which is my home page) contains Flash, such as Adobe's Flash "about" page. That way it always works, and HW accel is enabled again. Weird, but it works. Bye.