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I have a file that I am trying to down. I finally got firefox as the default browser however it will not let me send it to the desk top, is there a setting i need to change or what

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I have a home business and I need to download cbsurge to the desktop using firefox as the default browser. I get firefox as the default browser however it will not let me save it to the my whits on on what else to do.. could it be one of my settings and if so how do i correct it.

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Please do the following.

  1. Click the orange Firefox button, go to Options | Options and then click the General link at the top.

  2. In the Downloads menu in the middle, checkmark the option called "Always ask me where to save files".

  3. Click OK and then download your file. It should allow you to choose where you want to save it to.

See also: General Options menu

N.B. I noticed your Java installation is out of date. Update either via Windows Control Panel, or by going to

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I have checked and all the settings are right it seems. It is not downloading the XPI file to my desk top. At the top it still says you have choosen to open the file when you have checked the save file. Shouldn't that change on top as well. I just know it is not down loading it.

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Download it with IE8 which has the option to save the file. If it's in XPI format, then it's a plugin, but there's no guarantee it will run in Firefox since it's coming from a non-approved site.

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Thank You for helping! I am a novice when it comes to all of this I do not know what an IE8 is? Or what is meant by it's a plugin. Again thank you for your time in helping with this problem.

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"IE8" is Internet Explorer 8.

A "Plugin" is a browser extension which modifies the way the browser (in this particular case, Firefox) behaves.

Some plugins can cause Firefox to crash, so don't fork out your $37 for CBSurge until you're certain it will work with Firefox. ;)

P.S. There are some free apps which might be useful to you here:

Modified by Xircal

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Again thank you very much for your help. You have been very helpful. Thank You

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An .xpi file is an extension, not a plugin. Plugins are .dll files on Windows.

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@ finitarry, see:

And since CDSurge states that it installs as a plugin, the XPI file in this particular case is presumed to be just that. See:

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Some things are actually both. On one occasion when trying to get a new Flash plugin, I had Getplusplus dumped into my browser (which I did not appreciate). There were an extension and a plugin both added.

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Were you able to download the file with IE8 jnicks?

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No for some reason it just isn't downloading. It says on a pop up that come up that it has been installed,but when you hit the link it ask you to install it. I have watched the video that comes along with CBSurge and it is completely different in the down loading process than mine. I follow there steps exactly and it still does not down load it.

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Try watching this video instead:

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Yes that is the same video. Where you can see it downloading on top mine does not do that> It is just a quick pop up on the bottom that say downloads have been installed.

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Try starting Firefox in Diagnose Firefox issues using Troubleshoot Mode and then try and download it again.

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When I hit the link To Download CBSurge when the window pops up at the very top it says Opening CBSurge-1.4.1.XPI even when I have checked the save file. It does not change whether I use to open or save. Below that it says you have chose to open CBSurge-1.4.1.XPI which is a XPInstall Install From Of course there is open and save which like I said it stays open.

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I just found out how to put Firefox in safe mode I will try that. Thank You

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You know, for a company which gets 54,278 visitors a day, it makes surprisingly little money according to

If the download doesn't work in Safe Mode either, then I would suggest contacting their customer service department, link at the foot of their site.

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This has become laughable. I have sent in to support the problem that I am having. After the third one I guess they just got tired of messing with me and now they will not respond. It says it is downloading but even a novice like me knows how a download is supposed to be.And when you go to retrive it it ask you to install it???????? I have my internet service with AT&T about a week ago they recommended this company that troubleshoots. They tried it in the safe mode my wife tells me and it still didn't work. Thanks for your time and your help I really appreicate it.

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Sounds a bit like 'take the money and run'.

There's one other thing you can try which is to prevent Firefox from scanning the file on download. When it does this, the file isn't visible even though it appears to have downloaded. To disable the setting, do the following.

  1. In the location bar at the top where you normally type in a search term, type about:config and hit Enter.

  2. In the filter at the top, copy/paste the following:

  3. Double click it to change the setting from True to False.

  4. Close Firefox and restart it again. Then try and download the XPI file again.
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Hello there! Like I said I am a novice when it comes to all of this. What does this do and will it change anything on the computer that I couldn't fix? about:config. I don't mean I couldn"t fix,but would it be hard to change back. You are the only one that have given me things to do. Again thank you for your time.

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