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Multiple problems with Firefox 3.6.6 - Java Console, Flash, PDF & opening

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running Windows XP with Firefox 3.6.6. I just upgraded to 3.6.6 & since then have been having multiple problems. 1) 3.6.6 takes a LONG time to load or hangs 2) As recommended Flash plugin updated to Flash 10.1. Subsequently Flash doesn't work. All I get when I use Firefox on any site is the F in a circle that indicates that flash is necessary to display the page. I have no problems with Flash on Google Chrome. 3) Java Console having issues. When 3.6.6 opens it says Java Console must be updated. So I update it. Then when it opens it says it's not supported & needs to be removed. Each time it wants me to restart Firefox to complete the task. If I say restart later cause I'm sick of opening & Closing again & again it pops up every 5-10 minutes & asks again. Please HELP!! 4) PDF files will not open since upgrade to 3.6.6. Having no issues with Google Chrome. It opens in miliseconds & runs everything but I prefer Firefox if it can be gotten to work right. Desperately need help.

== Upon upgrade

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Please respond with a list of all of your Extensions. -type about:support in your URL/address/location bar and press the Enter key -click "Copy all to Clipboard" -paste into your reply

1). Please explain "long time to load" in more detail; approximately how long? Hanging when: on startup of Firefox, during use (please list some sites/pages, if so), at shutdown? For hanging at exit: Kill Application In Task Manager, does firefox.exe show in the Processes tab? See: Kill Application Causes and solutions for Firefox hanging at exit: Firefox hangs or is not responding - How to fix Firefox hangs at exit "Firefox is already running but is not responding" error - How to fix Safe Mode You may need to use Diagnose Firefox issues using Troubleshoot Mode (click on "Safe Mode" and read) to localize the problem. Firefox Safe Mode is a diagnostic mode that disables Extensions and some other features of Firefox. If you are using a theme, switch to the DEFAULT theme: Tools > Add-ons > Themes before starting Safe Mode. When entering Safe Mode, do not check any items on the entry window, just click "Continue in Safe Mode". Test to see if the problem you are experiencing is corrected. See: Troubleshoot extensions, themes and hardware acceleration issues to solve common Firefox problems Troubleshoot issues with plugins like Flash or Java to fix common Firefox problems Troubleshoot and diagnose Firefox problems If the problem does not occur in Safe-mode then disable all of your Extensions and Plug-ins and then try to find which is causing it by enabling one at a time until the problem reappears. You MUST close and restart Firefox after EACH change via File > Restart Firefox (on Mac: Firefox > Quit). You can use "Disable all add-ons" on the Safe mode start window.

2). Could be caused by a Flash-blocking Extension (the reason for asking for your list of Extensions) or could be in your Firewall or AV/AS application. What Firewall and/or AV/AS applications to you use? See: Configure firewalls so that Firefox can access the Internet

3). Again, the reason for asking for your Extensions. Is it Java Console or Java Deployment Toolkit in the error message. Need version numbers on both of the above. You may have some Java remnants from a prior Java version; Java does not clean-up after itself and we can help you remove some of those remnants, if you will supply the information. See: Some users get confused about Java and JavaScript; here is some information:

4). What are the results when you try to load a PDF file off of the internet? You need to check for an update of Adobe Reader (yours appears to be an older version) and after checking for updates to Adobe Reader, check your settings in Tools > Options > Applications for "Adobe Acrobat" Content Types. See:

You ~~red:MAY~~ need to Update Adobe Reader for Firefox (aka Adobe PDF Plug-In For Firefox): your ver. N/A; current ver. 9.3.3 (important security update release 06-29-2010; see: ~~red:Check your version here~~: See: You may be able to update from the Adobe Reader installed on your system instead of going to the Adobe site and downloading. Start > Program Files, find and click Adobe Reader to open, click Help, click Check for Updates. If you go to the Adobe site to download the current Adobe Reader: -use Firefox to download and SAVE to your hard drive (save to Desktop for easy access) ~~red:-See the images at the bottom left of this post to see the steps to take on the Adobe site~~ -exit Firefox (File > Exit) -check to see that Firefox is completely closed (Ctrl+Alt+Del, choose Task Manager, click Processes tab, if "firefox.exe" is on the list, right-click "firefox.exe" and choose End process, close the Task Manager window) -double-click on the Adobe Reader installer you just downloaded to install/update Adobe Reader

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same problem

32bit xp, firefox 3.6.6, flash (as seen in about:plugins)

I have Process Explorer (from sys internals) running and can see when i go to a process-container.exe is spawned as a child (presumably to run the flash component) but almost instantly, process-container dies and another one starts.

This clearly is a problem with firefox 3.6.6 and the recommended flash 10.1.

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I had all the same issues! Painful!

I also have problems losing keystrokes, and it slow my whole machine down so much and uses so much memory, I stopped using Firefox anymore (except for testing).

Too bad its such a pig now, I used to really like it. Now I use Chrome as my primary.

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Please read this article to see if it helps:

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Flash not working for me either, just a blank space where flash/video would normally be. Flash test page also fails:

Firefox 3.6.6, Flash version:, OSX 10.6.4

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Thanks for the suggestion, silkpheonix. I tried and it did not solve my problem, unfortunately. I am still dropping keystrokes and mouseclicks (btw: I just updated to Flash Player 10.1).

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To TXGuy,

Thx for your "detail" explanation/steps. I used to be a sw developer and dealt with QAs a lot. I can see what you thought when you wrote down the steps. Just want to say, firefox 3.x sucks and is getting worse with each new release. after many crashes, I have upgraded to adobe reader 9.3.x. Still can't load pdf. These issues should be and can be tested before release! If things go on like this, I guess i will have to switch to IE soon. good luck.

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Weeks of TRASH = FIREFOX 3.66

All three of my computers have been totally worthless since I upgraded to FF3.66. Each are built/configured differently. Each has a different OS. Each has all the above problems. Crashes constantly, RAM & CPU usage on a Q9650 is always near 100%. After screwing around for days I finally came here and found out that I was among a very large and upset group of users. With the last few upgrade I've had minor problems with my selection of add-ons Firefox disabled them for a later fix. I found a new DL today, 3.67 so I installed it figuring the problem was addressed. After installation of 3.67 it still says it's 3.66??

I went to their site to find help from them and couldn't get anyplace until I came here and read about my problem. Thanks for giving me a clear head so I could find a good solution.

My solution was to remove all Mozilla/Firefox products and then install other browsing options. It felt funny because for the first time in years I had to use Microsoft Internet Explorer to find other options. My computer is problem free and fast as usual now.

I wonder how many other users have abandoned them due to this BS?? I for one will probably stick with my new choices now.

YES, Weeks of TRASH = FIREFOX 3.66

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seems like with each FF upgrade, it's been getting worst and worst. It should be the other way around, one would think! I guess I'll be going back to IE.

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I have the same problem, am on XP and the only change that brought this about was upgrading to 3.6.6. Clicking on any other tab can take between 10 seconds and a minute to load.

Loking at the task manager the Plugin Container is running constantly.

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adobe will not let me read PDF files it just keeps down loading them not stop over man over