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plug-in container

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When I uploaded to 3.6.6, (I also updated Flash... Twice, just to be REALLY sure) and the $%#$ plugin-container.exe is a hog! It's unbelievable! combined with firefox, it takes up to 285mb and i'm just watching a video... And yes, I started the thing in safe mode, no effect. If it is not a memory leak, then what is it? I saw that a lot of other persons have the same problem...

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== updated to 3.6.6

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Just noticed this a minute ago. Closing the process crashes Adobe Flash (as expected), but it's a huge memory hog as stated above.

Combined with Firefox itself, it takes up about 400 mbs of memory, with the problematic process taking up 259.

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Firefox 3.6.4 provides uninterrupted browsing for Windows and Linux users when there is a crash in the Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime or Microsoft Silverlight plugins.

If a plugin crashes or freezes, it will not affect the rest of Firefox. You will be able to reload the page to restart the plugin and try again.

This is what plugin-container.exe is.

Here is more information from a previous forum thread if you want more information about it

Modified by Cheng Wang

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Everyone answering your questions here is an uncompensated volunteer; users trying to help other users.

For most, if not all, of us, we have not experienced the problem you are encountering with plugin-container, nor have we been able to replicate the problem on our own systems. I have no problems with Firefox 3.6.6 or with the plugins or with plugin-container crashing, using too much RAM, or using too much CPU time/processing power. REMEMBER, plugin-container only involves 3 plugins at this time: Adobe Flash (aka Shockwave Flash), Apple Quicktime or Microsoft Silverlight. If you are seeing high CPU usage or other problems with no pages loaded using these plugins, then plugin-container is not the problem. Unfortunately, plugin-container does not close down when all pages for which it is necessary are closed; hopefully that will be corrected in a future update.

There have been several posts on this forum and at as to how to disable plugin-container that seems to have worked for some users. If disabling plugin-container per the instructions in the following post (which will not allow plugin-container to load and you will not see it in processes when it is disabled and then Firefox is closed and restarted), then something else must be causing your problem. Be forewarned, after disabling plugin-container, if a plugin crashes, then the whole browser will crash.

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Thank you all for your answers,

I have tried other web browsers, and the problem is the same (not as severe). So you are correct, the problem HAS to be somewhere else... I guess I'm not out of trouble just yet. thanks for the help

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I cant watch videos anymore because of this. I can't stand this. How can revert?

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I have the same problem. I have found that when I disable the Flash plugin, the problem stopped; plugin-container.exe dropped from the screen on Task Manager; the sun rose again; my dog's spots reappeared. Enabling the Flash plugin and reloading the web page started the problem all over again. The web page is the National Weather Service radar loop website: So is the problem actually with Flash Player? Or what? I have tried FF's plugin check to update my plugins, but it always stops before it completes. I have Flash version, which Adobe says is the latest version.

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plugin-container is a trainwreck. Goodbye FF, Hello Chrome.

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Plug-in container is an incredible memory hog. I rolled back to Mozilla 3.6.3 and disabled automatic updates. No more problems.

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Had the same issue. No crashes at all after setting the plugin-containers to false in about:config. As a developer, the number of people who report issues with plugin-container, and then after disabling it they have no problems, means that there is something wrong with the processes in plugin-container. This is simple logic: severe problems with the container enabled, no problems without. FF never crashes on me...well, not since I disabled the container. But with the container, videos wouldn't load, the screen would freeze, my CPU% would climb to 100% and stay there. The fact that you cannot replicate this issue is meaningless. It exists, and it needs to be fixed.

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In my opinion, what is most embarrassing for Mozilla is, the Plugin Container AUTO OPENS WHEN REQUIRED BUT IT NEVER CLOSES ON IT'S OWN!

It JUST stays open stealing resources!!!!!!!! Come on - how novice.

That IS a a train wreck.