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[SOLVED!] Firefox 89 Update: Can't Select Text, Drag Image, Use Scrollbar - EVERYTHING Drags Entire Window

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[OK, I figured this out, but cannot delete this question, only edit it, so I've marked it as solved, and will add the solution below this initial question. Basically, it was due to my eternal battle with Mozilla's tabs bar placement, and the code I used to solve it]

Hi. After upgrading FF to 89 last night, besides the usual battle with Mozilla's insistence on moving the tabs to the very top, I've come across something that's quite serious, and rendering FF unusable: whenever I try to select some text, like on a page or in the Google search bar, the text cursor suddenly becomes the move cursor, and the entire window is dragged. The same is true when I try to drag an image directly into a folder. Also, forget trying to navigate a page by dragging the scrollbar - that initiates a drag of FF to another desktop (scrollbars within pages, like the one at the right of this text box I'm in, just try to drag FF up or down). So this is like holding Alt in Linux to click and drag the whole window in focus, and it's not something I asked for. The only thing I've been able to fix is dragging by clicking on an empty area of the menubar, navigation bar and bookmarks toolbar, with the following code in userChrome.css:

"#navigator-toolbox {

 -moz-window-dragging: no-drag !important;


(That first line apparently was supposed to disable dragging in all areas, including the title bar, but it only worked for all the toolbars below the title bar, but I'm OK with being able to drag the window by the title bar).

I can still drag to select text in the address box, and the Search box next to it, and I can still drag tabs to reorder them, but trying to select text on pages is impossible. The only way I can sometimes select text, depending where I am (like in this text box) is to start the drag, let go of the mouse button to stop the drag of the window, and move the cursor till all the text I want selected is highlighted, and either hit Del to delete it, Ctrl+C to copy it, or type over it (I cannot, for example, stop selecting and go click the Bold button above, etc).

I can confirm that going into Troubleshoot Mode "fixes" this issue, but without my extensions - and with tabs way up the top (WHY???) - I can't use FF, I'm afraid. Now I'm guessing it's some code in userChrome.css that FF89 doesn't like, rather than an extension, and that bit of code I found at least stopped the dragging of FF by elements above the web page, besides the title bar (but those are unimportant), so if someone knows the code I can add that will fix this major nuisance, or option in about:config I can change, please let me know. Many thanks in advance for your help.

[THE SOLUTION: it seems the fix to the tabs bar issue - which after the upgrade to FF89 wasn't up the top again, but at the bottom of the entire window, invisible, and unclickable - meant there was some duplicated or conflicting code from a previous edit, though it was never an issue before this. I edited the "TabsToolbar" section of userChrome.css with new code that put the tabs back below all the bars, and all was good. I should have realised something was amiss here because I actually selected the code in FF last night to paste into userChrome.css. So I went looking through the file for anything useful, and actually near the top I found my earliest fix for this tabs issue, being the line: "#TabsToolbar { position: absolute !important; bottom: 0 !important; width: 100vw !important; display: block !important; }" - it had never been commented out, and strangely enough never conflicted with all the revised TabsToolbar code I've used since (sadly, that's been changed many times - Mozilla seems totally committed to getting people to use tab at the top!). So while I've solved this, if anyone understands the reason behind that code causing this really strange issue of click-hold-drag initiating a drag of the entire window, please feel free to enlighten me. Cheers]

Modified by FireDemon Frank

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