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how to use bookmarks & what are the options?

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I try to save bookmarks but cannot find them. Please tell me what are the options & where are they saved? Thanks. I have a Dell laptop with Windows 10. Bernie

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if you press the keyboards Alt+B, can you see some options for BookMarks?

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You can open a bookmarked page in a tab and click the highlighted star in the location bar. You can open the full folder list via the arrow at the far right of the folder line and drag the scroll bar until you see the highlighted folder. You can also open the bookmarks sidebar via "Ctrl+B".

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Question is the same - not how to find a bookmark, but what is it and how to set it: menu, toolbar other sidebar etc. What options are there and what does each mean? Where are they stored? Bernie

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lesliegiggles said

Question is the same - not how to find a bookmark, but what is it and how to set it: menu, toolbar other sidebar etc. What options are there and what does each mean? Where are they stored? Bernie

Hi Bernie, a bookmark is a saved web page title and address that you can use to load that page in the future. You can save them in a number of ways, including

  • click the star icon in the address bar
  • press Ctrl+D
  • right-click the page and click the star
  • (menu bar) Bookmarks > Bookmark Current Tab

The bookmark will be saved in the same location the last one was saved unless you change it. To edit a bookmark after saving it, click the blue star in the address bar. There's a checkbox to show that panel automatically when saving.

There are three main buckets:

You can create folders under whichever one is most convenient.

All three buckets are visible in the Bookmarks Sidebar (Ctrl+b) and in the Library window (Ctrl+Shfit+O as in "Organizer").

I hardly ever use the Bookmarks Sidebar. My approach is a bit of a mix:

  • Some frequently used bookmarks are on the Bookmarks Toolbar for quick access (mostly work related)
  • For some sites, I type part of the bookmarked page title or address in the address bar, arrow down to the suggestion, and press Enter to load it
  • For some sites, I click the optional Bookmarks Menu toolbar button and use that drop-down menu
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where is each type stored? EX - where is a list of bookmark menu items? where are other bookmarks listed? what are all those folders? I never created them. What is a sidebar or a tab? I don't speak Geek, so I don't understand. I can't even find my way back here. Used to be, there was a link in the email, now it's gone. Where to? it's set to no-reply. This is prolly why there is a decrease in postings. I know how to to click the star for bookmark. But bookmark is not on the list of recent history. Why not?I know how to click the edit bookmark but what is the list that it shows/? Where do each of the bookmark types go? This system is very frustrating, to say the least. Bernie

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Hi Bernie, you have a lot of question. :-)

> where is each type stored? EX - where is a list of bookmark menu items? where are other bookmarks listed?

Try accessing the Bookmarks menu to see what is there. I already gave you the info on how to find that. Try expanding the Other Bookmarks category on the menu to see what is there.

> what are all those folders? I never created them.

A couple folders come with Firefox, and others may have been added when you installed Firefox if you authorized it to import data from another browser.

> What is a sidebar or a tab?

A sidebar is a panel you can open on one side of the page or the other. Check out the following article for more information: Use the Firefox Sidebar to access bookmarks, history and synced tabs.

A tab represents a page you have open in your browser. In Firefox, there are little physical buttons near the top on what is called the tab bar. That's really critical, you need to understand using tabs to use any browser these days.

You might want to review the articles in this section:

> But bookmark is not on the list of recent history.

History lists pages you visited recently, and those will soon fade away as you browse more. Bookmarks are listed separately and continue to accumulate.

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I'm more confused than before, never mind.

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a bookmark is a fancy word for website link.

so for example, you like visiting walmart to see the specials, then you can save that link, aka bookmark.

then at anytime, you can click on that bookmark and you will go directly to that webpage.

otherwise, without a bookmark system, aka index, you would have to manually type in the web address everytime you wanted to visit the site. and back in the 80's that is what we had to do.

in any case, you may find a liking to many webpages. and so you would conveniently create a bookmark for each of them.

subsequently, because people create many bookmarks, little sub systems to organize them have been developed.

for example, you can view your collection of bookmarks in what is called a bookmark library. also, some of those bookmarks can be copied onto the front of browser, ie toolbar, so you dont have to open up the library. And then if people dont like the bookmark toolbar, there is a side panel for viewing and selecting bookmarks as well.

question: are you not able to save bookmarks? or are you not able to find them? is this issue for your FireFox internet browser or with another browser like Internet Explorer?

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This is a much better answer at least it's in english. So, the bookmarks are all sent to the same place ? a library? This is maybe what if wrong. On my firefox, they are not sent to the same place. I have several different lists : e.g, the library is what I get when I click on alt-B. And I get a different list if I look at recent history, and still another list if I click on the url. I have tried to send them to different places, by clicking on edit the bookmark, but I can't tell where they end up. It seems fairly random. That's why I asked where are they supposed to go. Bernie

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The history is simply a log, ie a timeline, that records the "the where" and "the when" you visited a website. The rationale behind the history is that it actually records 99% of the sites you visit. And if by chance you want to revisit a site from last month, then you can back track to find the link. While the history does record your favorite places, it also records your incidental visits.

The book marks library is like an index, ie table of contents, of your favorite "where's", ie websites you favor. You can add your favorite websites to it, categorize them and arrange where they appear on your FireFox browser.

So step 1: When you visit a favorite website like you can either type the full address into the url field or you can create a bookmark that will enter the url address automatically with only a click of your mouse.

step 2: while at click on the blue star at the end of the url field. This is a brand new convenient way to save and store bookmarks.

So if you select the "save to toolbar" then the clickable link will appear in front of you, ie on your screen. You can also re-click the blue star and save another copy to other places, like the library.

Once you get the hang of the above, you can then manage your bookmarks on your own by copying, pasting, deleting them with your mouse between the toolbar and libraries, and the sub folders you make in the libraries to categorize your bookmarks, like shopping, news, pets, etc...

Have fun! There is a lot of catching up to do because making it easy to visit websites has been the number one priority since Al Gore invented the internet.  :-)