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Any Firefox versions above 73+ are slow after upgrading from 72.0.2

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Since Firefox 73 was released I noticed after upgrading that Firefox became insanely slow on a significant number of websites. For example or were really slow at loading compared to Firefox 72. CPU usage on one of my cores goes very high.

This page for example would load the main screen fairly quick then it would stall while it loads all the stock widgets on the page which it doesn't do with Firefox 72 :

In general I've noticed an overall loading sluggishness even with simple pages like etc. Just not as snappy to load.

In all cases Firefox 72 and Chrome work fast and snappy. Tried Firefox 73 and Firefox 76+ and they run awful.

When I first noticed the issue back when Firefox73 was released, I gave up and rolled back to a Firefox 72 backup and thought it was probably a bug that would be sorted later. Tried again today with Firefox 76 and I still have the same issue so I have had to roll back to Firefox 72 again.

Things I have tried that have NOT helped :

Disabled all addons/extensions Set Default Theme Disabled DNS over HTTPS Cleared cache/cookies Deleted content-prefs.sqlite Disabled hardware acceleration Tried different values for content process limit Disabled smooth scrolling

Can anyone help please or am I going to be stuck on Firefox 72 forever?


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