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I currently use the ad blocker uBlock, but it seems it has little effect in doing so. Is there another ad blocker that may perform better? Secondly, I see I have a second add-on which is called No Script. I currently have it disabled, and frankly not sure why. But, I would assume I was told it may hurt my browser performance and thus disabled it. Can someone comment on what that add-on does, and should I have it installed or not? Thank you.

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Noscript is an add-on that disables things like Javascript, and other scripting languages. Disabling and/or enabling it is entirely your decision. If your main use for AdBlocker is youtube, I know Adblocker for YouTube works fine for me. Otherwise you may want to go to, and find one that you would prefer to use.

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You may have disabled NoScript due to it being a pain-in-the-ass to use. It blocks all JavaScript until you enable scripts domain-by-domain, and many websites may use JavaScript from a dozen or more domains. And I have seen a few that used JS from over 20 domains; where you mouse left-click button on those by "allowing" JS one domain after another getting stuff to work. And once you get it trained for your most visited websites NoScript isn't bad to use, until you visit a new website and need to "train it" for that one. IMO, you'll only get better performance from Firefox with NoScript, not worse although most websites won't work properly with NoScript until you get it trained.

As far as uBlock Origin and other Firefox add-ons that block advertisements, they do a damn thing unless you have "blocklist subscriptions" enabled. uBlock Origin does come with 4 or 5 of the most popular subscription block list and dozens more are available to enable.

Check uBlock Origin options to make sure your blocklists are still enabled. IMO, uBO is the best ad blocking add-on available for Firefox, with AdblockPlus running a close 2nd. They both use use the same blocklist subscriptions; haven't used ABP for a couple if years now and don't know if ii has any lists enabled by default or if you need install some to use it upon installation.

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the-edmeister, thank you for your reply. When I click on the uBlock options link, I don't see a option or check box concerning about "blocklist subscriptions" and therefore enabled it. What link do I access at the top of the page? Settings, 3rd-party filters, My filters,My rules, Whitelist, About? When I access Settings, I don't see a option for blocklist subscriptions. Any suggestions, edmeister? Thank you.

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To me NS doesn't do much other then prevent sites to load and possibly if they detect such Addons running will block you from accessing the site. As for ad blocker they have been compromised by ad-comany already so I doubt they will be any good in the future. What you want is a hosts blocker file that way the ad blocker software isn't at the mercy of ad-company. I use such "hosts" file in my Windows O/S and when I got to sites it's like night and day experience.

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WestEnd, thank you for the reply. I understand your comments. But, if I were to use "hosts blocker" while that may eliminate the ads, will that make my browsing any faster or more efficient in your opinion? Thanks you.

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Copy this to the URL bar to open the uBlock Origin "dashboard".


Then select 3rd party filters .

And IMO much of the information from WestEnd will serve to confuse you more than you are already. Playing with the HOSTS file when you haven't learned how to use uBO yet isn't what I would call a valid course to pursue. HOSTS can block IP Addresses completely (not just advertisements) and new users of HOSTS can forget about that too easily and "break" every web browser on that computer and not be able to come back from that until they remember they are even using that HOSTS file.

Learn to use what you have installed before looking at other solutions, IMO.

And his explanation of NoScript is inaccurate; it blocks JavaScript from domain address from loading not "prevent sites to load". Maybe I am "splitting hairs" over his verbiage, but it ain't full websites that it blocks.

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the-edmeister, thank you for your reply. You are probably right, I'll just get in over my head in trying HOSTS file. But, when I access the uBlock options page and click on the 3rd. party link, which you suggest, I still no box or option for "blocklist subscriptions" within all the options available. Is there another classification or wording that is maybe being used for it? As for "No Script", when I use it, it stops a number of web site I use to function properly. So, I now know why I have it disabled. Hopefully, we can figure out the uBlock option situation I seem to be having trouble accessing. Thank you, edmeister. Your help is appreciated.