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I cannot sign in to Mozilla support; I have a sync account/FF yet never had old version of sync, have FF 41 so those are not reasons why (having older versions)

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Cannot sign in to Mozilla Support although I could sign in to sync previously TODAY. From sync I could not sign in to any other Mozilla site, including this one. When I tried to hit link " I have this problem too" page greyed out and small box in center said "you have an error" or similar wording. Somehow this site allowed me to enter by creating a new username and new Mozilla Support account. It is unknown if this context window report will survive or if anyone will be able to contact my email. Using same email account and password to sign up, yet new username. A message keeps appearing at the lower part of screen informing me that my user email or password is not correct; although when I hit on the button to enter these fields it allows me into my FF sync account. But no other accounts are accessed by my sync account contrary to info on various Mozilla pages that ( I could not send message questions on them or sign in) I landed in while searching for answers. I hope you can follow what I am saying and help me. (1) cannot sign in to any Mozilla sites except sync. Even that is only accessed by hitting a "preferences" button at the end of the reoccurring error message that pops up several times a day on bottom of page. (2) how do I stop the reoccuring error pop up at page bottom informing me that sync has encountered error in my email or password and cannot sign in (by itself) to sync when I do nothing to cause the pop up, it just keeps showing up randomly.

   please help me, these things are major bugs in FF and Mozilla sign in on all help forums. If this gets thru it will be the exception.

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more options Firefox Accounts is limited to the newer features which were created within the last year or so. None of the older Mozilla or Firefox domains such as this forum, all the different mailing lists or mailing lists, or the add-ons website have been made compatible with Firefox Accounts. Every registration database is separate from the others; they were all created at different times and have been maintained by different groups of people, with nothing in common. Currently there is no "one registration" for all things Mozilla.

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Does not sync page claim to do exactly that, to sign in to all things Firefox/Mozilla? Should it not be changed or removed to prevent confusion? Also I can't find any sync error page. How do I report it; in this forum I suppose? I want to remove the error popup. I have to close it several time per day. Very irritating. Does sync make Firefox work better with MS IExplorer? Thanks to " the-edmeister" for the reply same day.

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As far as that message about Sync ... try "Disconnect" from Sync in Options > Sync, then restart Firefox. Then log into Sync again, and see is that solves it.

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Also, the reason why you might be getting that error on repeat is that in you History settings in about:preferences there are some preferences to Clear History when it closes or to not remember cookies. This would unconnect sync account.

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Hi guigs, I use the following add-ons that may have the same effect. (So you are saying cookies must be turned on to use SYNC, and I must actify them to use it?)

Ask To Sanitize......... I use this if I have been searching the net extensively or downloaded something during a session Priv3+........ This removes all third party cookies,social wigets,invisible Iframes Self-Destructing Cookies....... The icon does not appear in customize toolbar or in the toolbar itself, nor does it show the swirling cookie that represents the cookie being removed after a session on a site(I have cookies "open for session in Firefox", yet this add-on is supposed remove it 10 seconds after site usage has least that is what it used to do on older Firefox browsers. For the newer Firefox's, I don't know if it is working because the swirling icon after a site session does not occur anymore. ........ I obviously do not expect you to test any of these, but if you know if I need Iframes, wigits, or third party cookies I would like to share in your expertise knowledge. I will turn all of these off (the add-ons) and sign in to SYNC again and use "disconnect and sign in again after shutting down Firefox" as suggested by another contributor. Unfortunately, I did that first, and now will not know about the cookie issue till I sign back in to SYNC and wait for the error message to popup again. Sorry for the long explanation, but if you know anything about those addons it would be helpful. I will shut all of them down if you think that will work, but I would still like to use Priv3+ for protection if possible. Thanks so much!